Workshop at 4Cs, San Francisco

We’re all looking forward to the first cross-cultural rhetoric workshop — an afternoon session tomorrow at the 4Cs conference, entitled: “Making Cross-Cultural Connections – Global Learning in Composition Classes and Writing Centers.” It’s an exciting moment of collaboration for us; Alyssa, Susan Thomas (University of Sydney), Sanaa Makhlouf (American University in Cairo), and Helle Rytkonen (Stanford) and I are all joining together to offer a workshop program that covers institutional issues, technological strategies, and curricular development. One of our priorities is to get participants involved in hands on work, to help them develop methodologies and lessons applicable to their own educational context. We’re all really excited for this great opportunity for dialogue, sharing, and collaboration.

One of my tasks has been to set up a Workshop Wiki to serve as a virtual third space for our collaboration.

We’re linking it closely to our New Partners page on the CCR website; it contains pedagogical materials as well as places for discussion and reflection. I’m hoping that our workshop participants help us shape it into a valuable resource that we all can use even after our afternoon session tomorrow.

Later this week, I plan to write more about how the workshop went. In fact, I hope to have some of our participants weigh in on the blog too … part of our pedagogy of learning by doing.

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One Response to Workshop at 4Cs, San Francisco

  1. David Hurst says:

    This was not only a really good workshop, it really started the conference off with a bang for me.

    I hope to be able to draw on the information in the wiki, additionally, I’d like to find ways to connect, perhaps with others from the conference.

    Visalia, CA, where I teach, may not be exotic, but I can assure anyone that its culture is its own.

    Anyway, thanks again.

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