Rhetoric of Gaming: Topics for Research

I’m once again teaching the Rhetoric of Gaming here at Stanford, and this quarter, we started off by working with the Cabrinety Collection, a large repository of vintage video games currently housed in Green Library’s special collections.


After this opportunity to analyze primary sources, the students have been busy selecting and refining their own research topics for explore over the next six weeks. As one of the first stages in their projects, they were asked to post a blog entry on the CCR blog in which they identify their topic and then describe and analyze one source that they feel will be important for their research.

Their blog posts are listed below — they would welcome feedback on their ideas as they continue to refine their topics, revise their research questions, and brainstorm productive ways to research this project!

  • Wii vs. Playstation
  • Modeling reality in a virtual world
  • Financial markets in MMOs, specifically EVE online
  • Educational gaming
  • Gaming and surgical training
  • The negative effects of video games
  • The evolution of gaming peripherals
  • Gaming in Medicine/Physiotherapy
  • Gaming and music
  • The video game rating system
  • Morals, empathy and video games
  • Thailand video game policy
  • The rise of pokemon as a cultural phenomenon
  • The evolution of Mario
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