Treating Alzheimer’s Disease with Enbrel

This post was written by a student in Lynn Reid’s Writing for the Sciences class at the City College of New York. After researching a scientifically debatable topic and writing about it for an audience of academic peers, this assignment asks students to present a multi-modal argument of the same topic to a popular audience.


My name is Tanni Baidya. I am a student at City College. The purpose of this hybrid essay was to examine the role of a drug called Enbrel on Alzheimer’s disease. There have been new scientific studies which documents the dramatic and unprecedented therapeutic effect in an Alzheimer’s patient: improvement within minutes following delivery of perispinal etanercept (Enbrel). One improvement that has been shown is improvement in cognitive function. Scientists reveal that Enbrel (commonly used to treat arthritis) help to regulate high levels of certain soluble proteins called cytokines, especially one called TNF. Although many researchers are skeptical that such a drug can help alleviate Alzheimer’s disease, the vast benefits of this drug potentially outweigh the risks which seems to help many people in the US and around the world.

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One Response to Treating Alzheimer’s Disease with Enbrel

  1. Estaminais says:

    Fortunately there is research going on (like stem cells) that may one day serve the cure this disease.

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