This post was written by a student in Lynn Reid’s Writing for the Sciences class at the City College of New York. After researching a scientifically debatable topic and writing about it for an audience of academic peers, this assignment asks students to present a multi-modal argument of the same topic to a popular audience.

PFFD (proximal femoral focal deficiency) is a rare anomaly that usually manifests in the form of femoral deficiencies that cause the femur to be shorter than usual. The cause for PFFD is not yet known. More that one treatments are proposed for this anomaly. This project explored two treatments in particular, the Van Nes rotation and the Syme amputation.The goal of this project was to find which is the best treatment for my niece who suffers from PFFD. The research on this project pointed to the Syme amputation as being a better procedure for my niece.

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One Response to PFFD

  1. Kylie Rosenstock says:

    This is an interesting topic that I have not heard of before. I know that you said that the cause of PFFD is not known, but are you planning to include some of the theories? I think that might be helpful since it would provide more background information for your reader who probably does not have previous knowledge about this medical subject. Otherwise, I would suggest to evaluate the pros and cons of each treatment and include information about why some doctors prefer one treatment over the other. This way you would include more of an argument in your paper.

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