What Happens When All You Know is Pain?

This post was written by a student in Lynn Reid’s Writing for the Sciences class at the City College of New York. After researching a scientifically debatable topic and writing about it for an audience of academic peers, this assignment asks students to present a multi-modal argument of the same topic to a popular audience.

For my research topic I decided to examine the treatment modalities of Sickle Cell Disease and compare the risks and benefits thereof. While researching this topic, I came upon many an article dealing with the stereotyping of Sickle Cell patients as drug abusers because of their need to be constantly medicated for the acute pain crises that are characteristic of the disease. As such, this became the topic of my essay and it was my hope to shed light on this issue while exploring the pain that many Sickle Cell patients suffer through. For full essay click here .

Shawnte Brown, CCNY

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3 Responses to What Happens When All You Know is Pain?

  1. Pain is the most closer thing ti human. Human read and understand the pain very well as well as human has the patient to tackle the pain.

  2. Pain is very difficult to survive.

  3. Daniela Parra says:

    Will you be interviewing actual patients or using sources that include interviews with actual patients? Primary sources would be ideal for this type of paper.

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