CCR Exchange Stanford-CCNY: Literacy Narratives and Narratives of Identity

Over the next few days, students from my class  Real and Imagined Lives: Narrative, Rhetoric and Identity and Lynn Reid’s Writing for the Humanities class at City College New York will be entering into discussion about their research project topics.

My course will culminate in a final research based argument that engages with the concepts of narrative and identity. In this course, we ask  these questions: How do we use different types of narratives to make sense of our own identities and experiences? How, as writers, do we utilize a person, a “self” to narrate the stories of our lives in all our writing, from academic essays to personal e-mail to texts?

I am particularly excited by this partnership with City College because Lynn Reid’s Writing for the Humanities course engages with similar concepts. In the Writing for the Humanities course, students will each create a critical digital literacy narrative that looks at how literacy practices shape identity and community involvement. This blog is but one example of this class’s engagement with multimodality.

Posted by Susan Schuyler,  Stanford University

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