Second batch from Stanford students

My name is Luiz Lima and I am a Stanford freshman. A typical morning for me involves the near impossible task of climbing out of bed in the morning in order to go to class. Besides the fact that I’m usually very tired from sleeping late the night before, the lectures in the morning are somewhat tedious and not very exciting to attend. So upon hearing my alarm ring at nine I get out of bed to turn it off so, hopefully, I don’t climb back into bed to get some extra sleep. If this goes according to plan I end up brushing my teeth in the one bathroom on my floor before taking a shower. We have a relatively small floor and I have never seen any backups or wait lines in the bathroom, something I’m particularly thankful for. After getting dressed, I normally eat a power bar for breakfast and go off to my morning lecture, which I have every weekday, with different classes every other day. The campus here is fairly large and if one enjoys sleeping in, like most students here do, then it’s necessary to get around on a bike so that one can actually arrive on time for class. Since I am someone who like to get as much sleep as possible in the morning, I normally end up climbing on my bike five minutes before class and speeding down the campus towards the main quad area.

After morning classes, which depending on the day last from 1-3 hours, I have lunch in my dorm’s dining hall, which just happens to be the farthest dorm from the main quad. The only advantage to this is that our dining hall is less crowded then the ones closer to the center of campus. Lunch is usually pretty good, and after about an hour I go back to class for lecture or section and am able to return to my dorm for an hour afterwards before my next class. I have 3-4 classes per day, and depending on the day my afternoon classes end either at 4 or at 6. If I can I have dinner around 5:45-6:15 and start on my homework afterwards. I try to get most of my work done during the week so my weekend can be a little more enjoyable, but this is a little hard in a dorm with a bunch of people who are always doing something. On Tuesdays and Thursdays I try to head down to the gym and do some cardio exercise so I can stay in shape and not worry too much about what I eat. I normally take a shower later at night when I’ve called it a day, and after I brush my teeth I try to see if my friends are awake and hang out and talk for a few minutes. I try going to bed no later than 1:30 AM, but more often than not I actually go to bed much later, like around 2:30 or 3 AM. That’s probably why I have such a hard time waking up the next morning, when I repeat this whole process again until the weekend.

Hey my name is Kai Kight and I am a freshman at The Stanford University. This morning I woke up around 10 o’clock to the sound of my phone alarm. I was pretty tired because I was up until nearly 4 o’clock while preparing for a midterm presentation. I stay in a three-story dorm named Junipero. After I got up, I took a shower in communal bathroom on the third floor. After getting dressed I began to clean my room because I could not find my keys or wallet. While I am from Washington, DC, my roommate is from Huntington Beach, CA near Los Angeles. In our room we share a television, refrigerator, Xbox, and a printer. We each have our own laptops, dressers, beds, desks, and closets.
Today will be a busy day for me. I am currently in my writing class called Fake News: The Rhetoric of Truthiness. This class will last from 11 am until 12:50 pm. I then will most likely eat lunch at a place called CoHo (Coffee House), where I will get a Bacon, Lettuce, and Tomato sandwich. I will pay for this using my student Identification that has money on it. After I eat, I have a violin lesson in the music center that will last for an hour. I then will meet with a group of classmates in order to prepare for our midterm presentation in a Social Entrepreneurship Collaboratory. This is a class in which students in teams of about 4 people create businesses that make social impact. My team is addressing underachieving middle and high schools. The actual class begins at 4:15 and we will present before 6:05. After this I will eat dinner with some friends and just relax for a few hours. At 9 p.m. tonight I have a club basketball game. This is a team of undergraduates who practice once or twice a week. Every Wednesday night we have a game against either teams of other colleges or various teams from men’s club leagues.

My name is Will Troppe, and I’m tired.  After going to bed around 1:30, I woke up around 9.  That’s almost 8 hours of sleep, so I definitely shouldn’t have been as tired as I was.  Since coming to College, 9 has gone from sleeping in to waking up early.  Anyway, at 9, I woke up in my dorm, quick to turn off my alarm to avoid waking up my roommate.  To help wake up as much as to get clean, I walked down the hallway with my soap and towel and took a shower.  Along the way, I saw several other of my groggy-eyed friends in various stages of getting ready for the day, greeting each with a quick “’sup” or “hey.”  Long conversations have no place early in the morning.
After taking a shower, I came back to my room and put on some fresh clothes.  I checked the weather on my iPhone to learn it would be a cold, foggy, and possibly rainy day, so put on jeans, shoes, and a t-shirt, very different from the shorts and flip flops I normally wear.  Coming to Stanford, CA from near Washington, DC, the weather here has been amazing—we’ve only had two of these days so far out of the month and a half we’ve been here.  I went on my laptop while I poured myself some cereal (Cocoa Puffs) with milk taken from the dining hall a few nights ago.  I can save using a full meal at the dining hall that way.  While eating my cereal I completed some reading for my writing class, PWR, the same class I’m in right now.  But I didn’t have too much time to do that—I had to leave for my 10:00 lecture pretty quickly.
Everyone at Stanford bikes.  So at around 9:50, I biked towards class.  Because so many people bike, we’re often short on bike racks, so a lot of people don’t lock their bikes to racks and just prop them up with kickstands or against a wall.  I prefer to find the closest open bike lock, which happens to only be a 1 minute or less walk away, right next to the post office.  I got to the post office bike rack at around 9:55, so I had a few minutes to spare and checked my P.O. Box.  Nothing, oh well.  I walked over to class and sat through a 50-minute lecture, which was mildly interesting.  When class got out at 10:50, I had to rush to get my bike and get to my next class, at 11:00.
I’m now sitting in that next class, my writing class, writing this document.  It’s 11:22.  I’m not sure what we’ll do the rest of this class, but we generally get out at around 12:40, even though it officially ends at 12:50.  When class gets out, I’ll run to the dining hall to quickly grab lunch with a few other classmates who have similar 11:00-12:50 classes.  My dining hall has good pizza, and occasionally good salads.  They have really good passionfruit guava juice and raspberry lemonade, but both juices are loaded with High Fructose Corn Syrup because of the powerful corn lobby in DC that gets corn farmers subsidies from the government that ultimately make the price of corn really cheap.  That’s why we can’t find Coca Cola (we call it Coke), made with real sugar, here.  Well, we couldn’t until recently—we can now, but it costs twice the price of the corn syrup coke.
Anyway, after getting lunch, I’ll go back to my dorm room and do homework.  I’ll have my choice of completing reading for a 6:15-7:05 discussion tonight, making the slides for a presentation tomorrow, or working through math problems due Friday.  I won’t have much time to work tonight, as I have a Green Living Council meeting and then a dorm meeting.  Always busy!  But also (almost) always fun.

Hello, my name is Elena Stamatakos! This morning I woke up at 9:00 after going to bed last night somewhere around 2:30. I threw on a sweatshirt and my slippers, and headed out of my dorm to the dining hall. This morning it was around 55 degrees, which most people from California find chilly, but I’m from Boston so it was typical shorts and T-shirt weather. For breakfast I ate yogurt with muesli, banana, and walnuts. Not many of other students in my dorm eat breakfast, except for most of the athletes (typically the guys), so I ate with a group of them. Then I went back to my room to get dressed and ready for the day. I biked to my Earth Systems Lecture, which started at 10:00. And now I am sitting in my PWR writing class. This class is called the Rhetoric of Truthiness, and we analyze political humor and satire, such as the Colbert Report and the Daily Show.

After my writing class I’ll grab a quick lunch with some friends at the student run café near by. I only have 20 or so minutes before my next class so I have to be quick. My next class is my chemistry lecture, and then I’m done around 2:00. For the rest of the day I plan on doing some shopping to restock on granola bars and fruit and the like for my dorm room, going for a run, and getting some reading done. I’ll eat dinner around 6:00 and then head to the library for the rest of the night to get some more work done.

What up Egypt? My name is Alfredo Corral and I am currently a freshman Stanford University. Today, ironically, as a track and field athlete, I had to do a swim workout at 8 in the morning. Coach put us as a team in the cold water for some reason so it was not the best 50 minutes of our lives. We had to do laps, sets of kicks, I cannot describe it all in detail but all of it was intense, do not get me wrong. Immediately after the workout I had 10 minutes to bike back to my dorm, take a shower, and bike straight to class, which I barely arrived on time to. So now this is my third class today without any breaks in between other than to bike straight to my classes and I may just keel over in exhaustion writing this. Wednesdays are known for my worst mornings and typically I would not wake up until 9 in the morning and not be hurried to class. Just to put things in perspective, my roommate was still sleeping when I came back from my swim workout. I’m essentially running on an empty stomach which is never great considering the circumstances and I am eternally grateful to a fellow classmate who brought snack for the whole class or I would not be able to write this to you for my PWR class. Do not feel bad that I am writing this to you just because it’s an in-class assignment but enjoy the effort I am putting to write this arguably coherent message.

Now I will be specific in what classes I have taken today. First class I ran into my Introduction to Humanities class about concepts dealing with what it means to be in a state of beyond survival. Second class I arrived to (forgot to mention how I biked back to my dorm and actually picked up my laptop, wallet, and phone, which I forgot due to my hurried state) was an Introduction to Economics class focused on microeconomics, so the standard firm analysis and consumer demand in addition to producer supply. Currently, I am in my Program in Writing and Rhetoric (PWR) class that deals with the concept of “truthiness”. In other words we analyze humor techniques in parodies like The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, Colbert Report, and The Onion, so hopefully we will get to see a funny clip in class, which is very common.

Hi, my name is Aziza Dawodu. I am not really a morning person, so it is usually difficult for me to wake up early in the morning. I normally set my alarm clock thirty minutes before the time I am really supposed to wake up, because I know that I will put my alarm clock on snooze and go back to sleep. Breakfast is not one of my favorite meals so I usually do not eat it. My morning routine is to wake up, get ready, and go to class.

I have different schedules for different days of the week. On Mondays and Wednesdays, I have Chemistry at 11 A.M. and Program in Writing and Rhetoric (PWR) at 1 P.M. At the moment, I am in my PWR class writing this blog entry and it is 1:08 on a Wednesday afternoon. On Tuesdays and Thursdays, I have Calculus at 9:30 A.M., Introduction to Humanities (IHUM) at 11 A.M., and IHUM section at 1:15 P.M. I am almost always late to Calculus because it is so early. However, I am striving to get there early one of these days. Maybe it will happen tomorrow. Friday is my favorite day because I only have one class at 11 A.M., Chemistry.

Everyday, after my 11 A.M. class, I go to lunch either at a dining hall or one of the food courts on campus. The food in the dining halls is pretty good. However, the lines in both the dining halls and the food courts can get very long. Today, I ate lunch in the dining hall. I ate calzones, potato salad, and fruit. I decided to make a healthier choice today and drank water instead of juice or soda.

After classes, which end at around 2 P.M. on Tuesdays and Thursdays and 3 P.M. on Mondays and Wednesdays, I go back to my dorm. I live in the African-American four-class themed dorm called Ujamaa. There, I can relax, do homework, or just talk to people.

Well, I think I am going to end my blog entry now. So far, I am still in the middle of my day. I have not finished my classes yet. Nothing exciting has happened yet, but hopefully something still will.


Well… On a typical day I wake up in the morning feeling like P. Diddy. Just kidding, and if you don’t get the pop culture reference, don’t sweat it. Hey, my name is Maxine Luckett, and here’s a typical weekday for me. When I do wake up during the school week, it’s really early. On Mondays and Fridays, I get up at 6 for conditioning (aka running) and Tuesday and Thursdays I wake up at 5:45 for lifting. I get Wednesdays off, lucky me! I do all this craziness because I play lacrosse out here at Stanford. If you haven’t seen lacrosse, it a sport where you have a stick with a net on the end and you throw around and pass and catch. It’s great fun. So early morning workouts usually end before nine, giving me a couple seconds to run and grab breakfast from the dining hall. I usually stick to basic cereal or oatmeal because I actually hate most breakfast foods. Like eggs? Disgusting… Sausage and bacon? Yeuch! So I eat quickly and then I have classes every day of the week starting at 9 or 10 am.
I’m taking four legitimate classes, a writing course, econ, intro to humanities, and a class on our welfare system with some single credit blow off classes on the side. Really exciting stuff. I want to major in something along the lines of international relations or political science. Classes are usually over by 12 or 2 and I find some time in between to squeeze in lunch, either back at my dorm’s dining hall or at any of the other fine dining establishments situated on campus. Now three days a week I go to physical therapy in the afternoon. About five and a half months ago I tore my ACL and I’m almost done with the recovery process, but not quite a hundred percent.  I also have practice everyday but Wednesday from 3:30 to 6.  When I’m finally done with all my commitments, it’s theoretically time for work. It’s tough sometimes to get stuff done though. My dorm is an amazing environment to hang out with; the people in it are just so much fun, but they can be super distracting! Whether I manage to complete my work or not, I usually end up going to sleep way too late. There’s always just so much going on! Anyway, I love going to college here, the weather, the classes, the people, just the entire place, and I can’t wait to hear about your experiences!

My name is Greta Anderson. This morning I woke up at 6:30, even though I didn’t have to get up until 9:30. When I saw what time it was, as I got out of bed to trudge to the bathroom down the hall, I laughed.  I’m on the varsity rowing team at Stanford, so six days a week I wake up at 5:30 am to get to 6:00 morning practice. Wednesday is our only morning off, but apparently I’ve gotten so used to waking up at absurd hours that I’ve lost the ability to sleep in.  With several hours to spare until my 10:00 class, I made myself some coffee, and settled down to catch up on my reading for my Introduction to Humanities class. At 9:45, I packed my school books and my clothes for afternoon practice into my book bag, and headed to class on my bicycle.

On Wednesdays I have my introduction to humanities class from 10-11, then this class, on fake news, from 11-12:50, and finally math from 1:15-2:05. From math class, I race to a parking lot on the other side of campus to catch the bus that takes the rowing team to our boathouse, which is in Redwood City, a town fifteen minutes away from campus. After practice, which is certain to be especially miserable today since the cold symptoms I’ve had all week seems to have tripled, I head to dinner to see my friends for the first time all day.  After dinner, and usually a trip to get frozen yogurt, my friends and I head back to our dorms to settle into a long night of homework. I try and finish my work as quickly as possible and go to bed reasonably early, so I won’t be half asleep during morning practice. Before I turn out my lights, I check my alarm for maybe the fifth time to make sure that its been set for 5:30 am, I’m still insanely paranoid about being late for practice.

A regular morning in the life of Elena Swanson McCallister:

I wake up, unfailingly confused each day by the music of my alarm clock interrupting me from a dream. It is 8:30, and I have class at ten. Either I shower or work on unfinished homework from the day before, intending to make it to breakfast at my dorm dining hall by 930.  This never happens. Thankfully I hoard in my room obscene amounts of fruit and cereal from the cafeteria, knowing that I will probably miss breakfast. So, each day I resort to a banana and granola in my room…it’s getting a little old. For a while I busy around, putting away shoes and making my bed so that everything is organized, so very organized, listening to Nora Jones or Michael Jackson or Phoenix (depending on the morning) through my earphones and humming a little all the while. My roommate doesn’t wake up untill 9:20, with class at ten, showers, gets ready, eats and ends up leaving for class before I do. I don’t understand how this always happens. Apparently I am slow in the morning!

So, as I bike over to my economics class at 9:59, I hear the clock strike 10 across campus and know I am already missing part of Marcello’s lecture. In my head I swear that I will leave for class earlier the next day. I trot into class, fashionably late of course, wave to my friend Football Connor, sit down in a random seat, and look around throughout the rest of the period, occasionally remembering to focus and take notes to assume an attentive appearance. During class I think about watching my favorite show The Office, think about the fact that I probably have tennis practice that night from 7 to 9, and think about the Panini and cold carrots I can’t wait to devour at lunch. Thus, a typical morning in the life of Elena.

My name is Jeremy and I am a freshman on the Farm (nickname for Stanford) this year. I am on the track and field team here at Stanford University, and the team had morning workouts today in the swimming pool. I woke up at 7 and started a little homework and eat a couple of snacks. I then rode my bike across campus to the pool and joined my team. Unfortunately, we didn’t get to use the heated pool but still had a good time training together. After, I went to breakfast before my first class, single variable calculus. I am now in my writing and rhetoric class about Fake news such as “The Onion” and the “Daily Show.”

Shortly after this class, I have lunch and then off to my Literature class about Utopia. Then I have to ride my bike over to the track to start my 3-hour long throwing workout. As soon as I am done practicing, I head home to my dorm, Roble. I’ll shower and eat before starting my homework for the night. My dorm hosts a house meeting in which all three hundred people in my dorm get together and discuss upcoming events and policy changes along with whatever else comes up that’s important. If I get my reading and math work done early I might go to Late Night to relax with some friends. Late Night is a dinning service that a couple dinning halls have that runs from 9:30 P.M. to 2:00 A.M. I go there sometimes to work on problem sets or essays. Based on my homework load I will go to sleep from anywhere around 11:00-3:00.
Hey there! My name is Emma Makoba. I’m a first-year student at Stanford University. I’m originally from Reno, Nevada, a small city about a 4.5 hour drive from the school. I live on campus in the dorms and have one roommate living with me who is also a freshman. This morning was one of my more hectic mornings. I went to bed late the night before working on a paper and had the intention of getting up early in the morning (for me thats around 8) to go to the gym. However, I slept through my alarm and woke up just in time to grab breakfast and race to class. For breakfast I had a poppy seed muffin (my favorite) and then some cottage cheese and yogurt and a few peach slices. My first class every morning is Spanish. I had a quiz in Spanish today, which I think went well, but I did have to rush through it. Unfortunately, in my rush before Spanish I had forgotten my laptop back in my dorm room and I needed it for my next class. So, I had to quickly bike back to my room grab my laptop, and bike as fast as I could to my Peer Writing and Rhetoric Class called Fake News and the Rhetoric of “Truthiness.”

After my PWR class I am going to grab a quick lunch and head to an appointment with my academic advisor to discuss what classes I should be taking next quarter. Afterwards, I will need to work on a paper due later this week for as long as I can. I hope to have a draft fully completed by my next class at 3:45 which is a fitness class I’m taking called Lifestyle Fitness Challenge. The class entails learning about what constitutes a healthy lifestyle and, typically, on Wednesday’s we work out in the gym on campus. Its a nice stress reliever after all my academic classes in the morning. Since that is my last class for the day, I will likely head back to my dorm to eat a quick dinner and get back to paper writing. I also need to do an assignment for Spanish the next morning in which I interview a native speaker in my dorm and formulate a discussion question for my Introduction to Humanities class called Beyond Survival. After I have completed these tasks I can head to bed and hopefully have much less hectic morning the next day.

Hello my name is Serena Fagan. This morning I was woken up at 6:30 by my roommate’s alarm clock, which she pushed snooze continuously until 9:30, so I was woken up every 20 minutes.  This threw me off a little and I ended up sleeping through my first class, which was a lecture. I got out of bed at 10:15 and walked into my common room (I live in a 3 room quad, two doubles and a common room connecting them) and talked to my other two roommates for a little and used one of their printers to print out a paper for this class. Then I brushed my teeth and washed my face in the sink I have in my bedroom. I looked outside and it wasn’t sunny and warm which is very rare so I put on pants and a sweater. Breakfast closes at 9:30 so I wasn’t able to have a real breakfast so I ate a banana instead. Then I realized I was about to be late for this class so I grabbed my stuff and ran outside to get my bike. I biked all the way to class but had difficulty finding a free bike rack to lock my bike. I made it to class about two minutes late but it wasn’t a big deal.
This class is an hour and fifty minutes long and afterwards I have Spanish class for fifty minutes after lunch. I play squash here on the team but we do not practice on Wednesdays and luckily our weight lifting session, which is usually at 7:30 am on Wednesdays, was cancelled. However, I am supposed to go on a long run by myself. So after class I plan on doing that and then some homework. I have a short paper due for one of my classes at 5pm today that I still have not finished. After that I will go to dinner at the dining hall near my dorm and then hang out with some friends, do a little more work and then go to bed around 11:30.

My name is Kristen Carnohan. This morning I woke up and got dressed. My roommates who live with me in my dorm went to eat breakfast at the dining hall where the breakfast is already made, but I decided to eat what something I already had in the dorm, so I put nutella and banana slices on a piece of bread and made myself some tea because I am feeling a little sick. This reminds me that I forgot to take my vitamins this morning… I will have to do that later when I come back to the dorm.
After I ate breakfast and was ready for my first class (math), I looked at the math syllabus to see what we were scheduled to be learning that day. It said we would be working on chapter 23 in the book. Knowing that I sometimes struggle to understand the material in lecture, I decided to read chapter 23 before class so I wouldn’t feel so lost. However, doing this made me feel like I was going to be late to class because I looked at the clock when I left and there was only 6 minutes until math started! So I ran down all the stairs (I live on the third floor of my dorm) and out to my bike. In my haste it only took me two minutes to ride to class, a record time.
Feeling relieved, I took a seat towards the back of the classroom. I immediately regretted this because a very tall boy sat right in front of me, obscuring half of my view of the chalkboard. I was too lazy to move so I just craned my neck to see around him when his head was in the way. During lecture I was extremely glad that I had taken the time to skim the chapter beforehand because I know I would not have been able to understand the lecture otherwise. For 50 minutes Professor Licata talked and wrote on the board about eigenvectors while the students copied her notes on the board, listened, and asked occasional questions.
Math ended at 10:50 and I hurried over to chemistry on my bike to be on time for the 11:00 lecture. I usually sit in the second row but I decided to sit farther towards the back today. Again, I regretted this decision, this time because a pair of chatty girls was sitting behind me, and their talking distracted me a bit. During this lecture I came to the conclusion that I should start taking my chemistry notes in a notebook instead of on my computer like I usually do, because Professor Dai draws a lot of things on the board that I am unable to copy down, and I think taking notes in handwriting would improve my performance on exams. After learning about ionic bonds for 50 minutes, chemistry class was over.
I biked back to my dorm to the dining hall to eat lunch. The lunch they had made today was pretty good and I wondered if there was someone eating there today that the dining staff was trying to impress. I ate quickly because I only had about one hour until my next class. After lunch I went up to my dorm room to gather what I needed for my next class, PWR, a writing and rhetoric class. I had some extra time so I emailed my dorm’s academic advisor about possibly meeting tomorrow to discuss my class selections for next quarter. Then I biked over to PWR, where I am sitting now and writing about my day and thinking about how I have to finish a paper tonight about Charlotte Mew’s poem The Farmer’s Bride.

Hi, I’m Sharad Bharadwaj, a freshman (first year University student) at Stanford University. Here’s what my day has been so far. I got up at around 8AM. I got out of my bed, and as I was getting up my roommate was leaving for one of his classes. I put on my glasses, and then I gathered up my towel and toiletries and undergarments and keys. I took all my stuff to the communal bathroom (the bathrooms here vary depending on the different type of housing you live in, but since I live on a co-ed floor [the rooms are single gender though] the bathroom is split into two halves; a boys and a girls half, and each half has a number of showers and toilets, etc…) and took a shower and brushed my teeth. I went back to my dorm room, and finished changing into a full set of clothes. Then, I went downstairs (I live on the 3rd floor) and walked outside, into the next-door building, which is a dining hall. I swipe my card to the clerk, and then I go inside and it’s like a buffet so I grab whatever food I want to eat onto a plate, and take it into the tables and eat there. Some of the other people in my dorm are also grabbing food at the same time, so we all sit at the same table and talk about our days and what kinds of things we have to do later. After I’m done eating, I put the leftover food into the “compost” trash can, and then I put the plates into the “dishwashing” section.
After breakfast ended, I went back to my dorm room and gathered my materials for the next couple classes (notebooks, paper, and pencils). I went back downstairs, unlocked my bicycle from the bike stand outside my dorm, and my friend and I biked to math class together. We biked to the math building, locked our bikes to the bike racks outside the building, and then went into the building and sat down in our classroom. We then listened and took notes throughout the lecture, and then left when the lecture was over (this class was from 10-10:50 AM). After this class, I again unlocked my bicycle and went to my next class, which was my Introduction to Humanities class. Since this class is again far away, I biked there, locked my bike, and went inside and listened to the lecture again. After this was done, I had an hour break before my next class, so I went back to the dining hall next to my dorm, where I ate lunch (again I swiped my card, and again it was a buffet-style meal). After eating, I went back to my dorm’s lounge area on the first floor, where I played pool with one of my friends for about ten minutes to wind down. Then I went back upstairs, gathered up my materials for the next three classes, and then left. Right now, it’s 1:15PM and I am in the first of those three classes; this class is called “Fake News: The Rhetoric of Truthiness”, and it is a writing/rhetoric class where we analyze various strategies and effects of fake news programs. This is one of my favorite classes because it’s a really small class size, so it is very participant-driven and very interesting. This takes me to the end of my day (for right now). One caveat I want to say, though, is that this day is not exactly indicative of my everyday schedule. Although the morning things (breakfast, shower, etc) are the same every day, the order and timings of my classes changes every day, in the sense that my Mondays and Wednesdays class schedules are different (but my Monday class schedule will be constant every week). The main source of change, however, is in the amount of things that happen outside classes; there are so many extracurricular events that are always happening, from panels to concerts to games and sports, that there is almost always something going on somewhere around campus, and it is really very hard to be bored if you just do a little bit of work into finding things that are interesting.

My name is Geffen Oren.  I am currently a freshman at Stanford University.  Before coming here, I lived in a suburb outside Los Angeles, California.

Since I was not feeling well last night, I set my wake-up alarm to 9:30 so that I would be able to get a little more sleep.  At 9:35, I rolled out of bed, made myself some cereal with milk for breakfast, took my vitamins because I still was not feeling well, dressed myself, brushed my teeth, and then biked to my first class that started at 10:00.

During this class I tried listened to my professor lecture about the book we were reading.  However, it was very difficult to do so because I was so exhausted and could barely keep my eyes open.  After this class that ended at 10:50, I rushed promptly over to my math class that started at 11:00.  I listened to another lecture, this time about complex math concepts that I could barely understand.

Then after class, I decided to go to the Fire House, the LGBTQ resources center at Stanford, for lunch.  Never having entered the building before, I asked a woman sitting on the couch where I go for the socializing and free lunch. She directed me upstairs.  There I found my friend from high school, who for the past 4 weeks had been trying to get me come to these weekly lunches at the Firehouse, and other friends from some of my classes.  I introduced myself to everyone, and then sat down to eat some of the delicious, free Thai food provided by the leaders of the weekly event.  As I ate my lunch, some of the leaders talked about safe sex, how to stay away from sexually transmitted diseases, and how to put on a condom.  Not extremely interested in this sex education, I talked to the person next to me, whom I had met once before at a museum early on during the school year.  However, our conversation was interrupted by the passing around of flavored lubricant, which the leaders of the event wanted us to taste (it was pretty gross!), and some weird sex stuff.  I know I am making Stanford out to be some really weird, overly sexually active school.  Don’t worry it’s not!  We are just very open about sex, alcohol, and other related stuff.

After my lunch, I proceeded to my next, and final class of the day, my writing class!  And now I am writing you this letter.


Hi, my name is Morgan McCluskey. I am a 5 foot 3 inch (on a good day) freshman girl happily attending Stanford University. Today I woke up in my dorm room at 8:40 AM while my roommate was putting her makeup on at her desk. She gets up earlier than I do because her first class is at 9 AM while my first class is at 10 AM. I rolled out of bed and went to take a shower. When I got back I microwaved myself a cup of instant coffee (not that tasty…), got dressed and put my makeup on. Normally I listen to music while I do that, but today I didn’t open up my computer before I went to my first class. As I got ready, I cracked open a box of granola cereal and ate a handful as breakfast. It was quite tasty. Some days I go down to our dining hall and have a bowl of cereal or a piece of toast, but I was running a little late this morning.

So then at 9:45 I biked over to my class in one of the smaller auditoriums on campus with one of my friends. We’re reading a really depressing book about a mercury-poisoning (Minamata disease) epidemic in Japan in the 1950s and 60s, and the entire lecture today was difficult to listen to. The professor also showed some pictures that were disturbing. I recently lost one of my friends in high school to cancer, so the discussion of death and dying associated with this book was very tough for me to listen to.

After that lecture, I had 10 minutes to go about halfway across campus (it’s farther than you might think) to my Chemistry lecture. That was another 50-minute lecture starting at 11 AM. We did a bunch of multiple-choice questions as a whole 200-person class using these clicker things that transmit our answers to the teacher’s computer. It’s pretty cool when you get the answer right, but just a bummer when you don’t. I think I got 2/3 questions right today. We’re talking about covalent and ionic bonding, which isn’t that hard but my friends and I somehow managed to mess up one of the questions. I blame it on the fact that my Chemistry buddy and one of my best guy friends here was not sitting next to me.

When Chemistry was over I biked back over to my dorm and went to lunch in the dining hall. The grill in the dining hall was having a specialty lunch today of quesadillas, and they weren’t bad. Eating them made me miss my dad’s quesadillas though, and that made me a little homesick. At lunch we were talking about this star Bo Burnham whose new video came out yesterday. I didn’t know about the new video, so immediately after finishing my lunch, I went up to my dorm room on the third floor and watched it. Now the song is stuck in my head. But it’s ok because it’s a funny song. And it’s still stuck in my head as I’m sitting her in PWR writing this blog…

Hi, my name is Rohan Shah, I am 18 years old and attend Stanford University. I am originally from the Palo Alto area and so getting used to this setting was not a difficult task at all. Generally speaking, my mornings are that of a typical college student. I wake up 20 minutes before class starts, and rush to brush my teeth, shower, and get ready for class. Usually breakfast is out of the question and instead I remain hungry until after my first two classes. The Stanford campus is an extremely large campus and so getting from class to class on time is almost impossible without a bike. That said, because we have bikes you can pretty much make it from anywhere on campus to your next commitment within 5 minutes.
As a freshman, the majority of my classes are introductory and freshman requisite classes. While it’s a pain not being able to take all the classes that I want to, I know that the next few years here will provide more flexibility in terms of what classes I take. This quarter specifically, I am enrolled in the introduction to economics course, the introduction to humanities course, and the program in writing and rhetoric class. This final class is where I find myself right now. The humanities and writing courses are pretty fun as we discuss literature and current events and then proceed to write and learn writing skills. The economics course is a bit boring because I have already taken the class, but I have to continue with it since I am primarily interested in econ.
In terms of my interests outside of class, this afternoon I will be playing for the Stanford club basketball team in their weekly games. This doesn’t present a huge commitment but we do have practice once a week and games once a week, generally. Outside of basketball, I love to play American football, tennis, and golf. I also spend some time playing video games with the other guys in my dorm.
After I’m finished with the various activities I have for the day, I usually spend my time doing homework in my room or going out with my friends to one of the different fraternities on campus; this is where most of the parties are. Being freshman year, we probably go out more than most people on campus since these are all new experiences for us. I think once the year progresses we will probably go out less and do more homework, but for now I’m just having fun.

Hello, my name is Coral Abbott. This morning I woke up at 9:00 a.m. because my roommate, the other girl who lives in the same dorm room as I, had a very loud alarm and so I woke up a little bit ahead of schedule. Here at Stanford, we live in dorms on campus, which are basically large buildings with rooms shared by 1-4 people, and then a common bathroom on each floor- 1 for boys and 1 for girls. So I live with three other people. In our room we have 4 beds, 4 desks, and 4 closets. Anyways, I got up at 9 a.m. and I went to make myself breakfast. For breakfast I ate some cereal that we keep in our room, and I had some hot tea to wake myself up. After that, I checked my email to make sure I had done everything I needed to do for class. Oftentimes, our professors will send us emails telling us what we need to bring to class, or any last-minute small assignments that they would like us to do.
I then got ready for the day and headed off to class. In my first class, I had a presentation to give that connected a book we had been reading to a lecture that was given by our professor about the book.  We discussed the ways authors used literary devices or ideas to discuss important social or historical issues, which is a topic that I find very interesting. My second class of the day is very unusual. I am taking a class on the relationship between culture and power in different kinds of societies, which is very interesting. The class is also in Spanish, which is sometimes difficult, but I want to continue to learn and use the Spanish language. What is unusual about it is that I am the only student in the class. Most classes have at least 10 people in them, and some classes are lectures that have 300 people in them. But the class is very interesting, and my professor is very nice, and I am enjoying the experience.
After my second class, I have 30 minutes to eat lunch. We have dining halls on campus, which are places we go to eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner. These meals are built into the cost of attending the university, and so we can go to the dining hall everyday, where there are many different food items that we can eat. They change what food they serve, which is nice because we get to eat new foods every once in a while. Today I ate pho, which is a Vietnamese noodle-soup. After going to the dining hall, I went to my third class, where I am writing this right now.

Hello, my name is Aliza Rosen and I am a freshman at Stanford University.  This morning, I woke up, rolled out of bed after hitting the “snooze” button on my alarm clock 3 times, and grabbed a quick bowl of cereal in my room before heading off to lecture.  It was very cold here this morning (60 degrees) so I put on a sweater and a jacket.  The weather here is so bizarre: in the morning it is cold, but as the day goes on it gets much hotter, and then freezing again at night.  As an East Coaster, I am still trying to figure the weather out.  I normally end up changing my outfit multiple times a day in response to the changing climate.

In my “Journeys” class, the professor discussed the moral and psychological implications of Meursault’s actions in Albert Camus’, The Stranger.  Normally I find the professor’s lectures a bit dry, but today’s was particularly interesting.  Although my friends were nodding off around me, I found what the professor had to say on the text quite riveting today.  After lecture I hurried back to my dorm as fast as my little legs could take me on my bike, and finished up an assignment for a class before grabbing a slice of pizza for lunch and then biking off to my next class: PWR!  Currently, my printer is broken, so I had to borrow a friend’s to print a paper off for my PWR class.  Phew, what a day so far!  Wednesdays are stressful days for me because they hit right in the middle of the week when I am figuring out how to finish my work for the week.  This afternoon, I plan to catch up with a friend, finish reading a book on the spatial divisions of Cairo (I’m taking a Political Science course on Egypt and the Middle East), and then take a run before grabbing dinner with some friends.  And then back to the library!  Normally, I stay up late until 2 or 3 in the morning doing homework before falling into my extremely comfortable bed.  And then it all starts again. 🙂

Hello, my name is Alexandra Tamplin. Today, I woke up at 6:45 AM. This was a bit of struggle because I had been up talking to my sister on the phone until midnight. When I got up, my roommate was still asleep. We live in a dorm, a small rectangle of a room, together. We each have our own half of the room, in a building with three floors with dorm rooms on each one. There are about 26 other people on my floor alone and they were all still asleep. To get ready, I have to walk down the hallway of the building to our communal bathroom for a shower and then walk back. I get dressed silently as to not wake up my roommate who had a busy day yesterday as well. Breakfast is served through our dining hall that is on the first floor of our building. It isn’t open until 8 so I waste sometime on Facebook.
When I go down to eat, two other girls from my dorm building are already there working on homework. I quickly ate my oatmeal and blueberry muffin and heading out to the music center on campus that is about a two minute walk from the dorm. I had to practice my saxophone for music rehearsal tomorrow afternoon before my class at nine. While I was there I realized I forgot some things I need for later in the day and cut my practice short to rush back to the my dorm room to get them. More people were up by then.
My first class was music theory, something I find very simple. We have a midterm today, so class was just a review of the concepts we have covered so far. That class lasted for fifty minutes, and then I walked over to math. I have about an hour in between these two classes so I find a spot in the courtyard behind the building my class is in and try to finish some of the problems to the homework that is due tomorrow. I was somewhat successful. During lecture, it seemed that everyone is very lethargic and the fifty minutes do not go by fast at all. My professor runs over on time, and people start to rush out to head to their next class. I join the herd and headed over to a small café near by to grab some lunch. I order the falafel and ate outside before heading into the building my next class is in. I still had about thirty minutes to kill, so rather than staring at math problems, I pull out my iPod and crank up the volume. People walk by. There was this one kid, who I assume was a high school student visiting the campus because he was walking around with Stanford information packets and his dad was with him, and he gave me a weird look as I drummed the rhythm of the song I was listening to on my leg. I ignored him.
As it got closer to 1pm, I packed up my iPod and walked about fifteen feet to my classroom and came in and began to write this page.

My name is James Nagle, I am eighteen years old and I attend Stanford University in Stanford, California. My typical day includes a few hours of class as well as a few hours of studying, while the rest of my time is filled with whatever other activities that I choose. Today was not my typical routine but then again it wasn’t incredibly different than a typical day. I woke up around 9:30 AM so that I could shower before heading off to class. I am incredibly unhappy with the showers here because they are so small that it is very difficult to shower without touching the walls at some point. Although the showers are uncomfortable, it is still better than the discomfort that comes with not showering.
After showering I headed out of my dorm towards my bike. I considered grabbing something to eat but decided against it; I don’t typically eat breakfast. Unlocking my bike is a daily struggle, for some reason the key never seems to work properly. The key usually does about a half turn instead of a full turn which is needed to unlock it. But today I was able to unlock my bike fairly easily. Today is a good day.
After unlocking my bike I headed over to Dinkelspiel Auditorium to attend my economics lecture. The professor spoke about game theory, which I am a little behind on because I still need to read the accompanying chapter of the textbook. Needless to say  econ lecture was not particularly thrilling this morning. As I sat through my econ lecture I thought of what I had coming up today, my interview for the BIP.
After econ I headed right over to the Old Union where the Stanford Student Enterprises (SSE) are located. This is where my interview for the Business Internship Program (BIP) was taking place. I met my interviewers and we had a nice conversation as to why I wanted to be a part of the BIP. Overall I feel that the interview went well and I am really hoping that I am chosen for the BIP.
I went back to my dorm in order to do some reading for my writing class that I am currently in. The reading was about the effect of Jon Stewart’s The Daily Show on the opinions of the voting public. It was an interesting article, which made it very easy to read. Just as I was finishing reading the article my friend Turner Caldwell stopped by my room to go get lunch. We went to Lakeside Dining Hall and had Italian food. The food was surprisingly good for dining hall food, but I had to leave early so that I could come to class on time. I ran to my bike, rode to the academic quad, and here I am now, sitting and writing.

Hello there Egypt! My name is April Cross and I am currently a freshman attending Stanford University.  Today is a cloudy Wednesday and this particular day is ehh, pretty filling for me.  This morning I woke up to the sound of construction workers outside of my friends’ dorm window.  Now, I normally sleep in my dorm room which is facing a nice secluded courtyard.  However, my roommate is sick with some stomach virus and consequently, I decided to stay the night in my friends room down the hall to avoid getting sick.  Anyway, I woke up (a little late I might add) and I proceeded to fold all of the blankets that I had used to sleep on.  Because I woke up slightly later than usual, and I was not exactly hungry, I decided to skip breakfast.  I took a shower in the floor bathroom (which is a community bathroom shared by roughly 14 girls on the second floor).  Afterwards, I quickly threw on some clothes and makeup and filled up my water bottle – I was out the door with my friend peddling to my first class at 10:00.
This class is a significantly large lecture and it fulfills my introduction to humanities (IHUM) requirement.  The class I am enrolled in is called Sustainability and Collapse.  In this lecture, one of the two professors spoke about the novel Paradise in the Sea of Sorrow.  Now, my friend and I unfortunately have to leave five minutes early every lecture to make it across campus in the midst of bike craziness – “the circle of death” is a nightmare unless we are a few minutes ahead of the game.
We make it to the next class which is Psychology 1.  I absolutely love this class. A  noticeably smaller lecture, but it is sometimes a pain to find seating.  Professor James Gross (who is unquestionably amazing) addressed emotions and their function.  I was enthralled by all of the material and concepts in this lecture.  It related numerous times to animals and their pure emotions.  This completely interested me because I am a vegan and am entirely passionate about animals.  Regardless of how amazing the lecture was, it ended at 12:15 and my friend and I were off to the bike racks once again to get to lunch.
Oh my, lunch is always my favorite.  Each hall consists of roughly six dorms and the hall has a central dining location.  I ate lunch in Stern Hall, and my dorm (Donner) is located just outside on the west side.  The commotion in the dining hall does get fairly loony sometimes, but for the most part it isn’t too bad.  Today I ate some salad with tomatoes, mushrooms and cucumbers, brown rice, and pepperoncinis – YUM.  I usually eat with my close friends, who play football, but I have a class at 1 and I can’t be lounging around too much.
I ended up heading back to the main quad area, on my white bike of course, to my next class: Power in Writing Rhetoric – Fake News and Truthiness.  Definitely a class worth taking.  The concept of fake news is quite fantastic and it is a delight to learn and analyze it.  Usually, the class watches a couple clips at the beginning, but today is National Writing Day and thus, we are writing and we are now writing to you! 🙂
This has been a “half-day in the life of April Cross – October 20th, 2010”

Hello, my name is Ben Lerman and I’m a freshman here at Stanford. Today, I woke up around 10:00 and stumbled around my room grabbing my keys and a towel before heading to my floor’s bathroom for a shower. I was in an unusually zombie-like state, because despite going to bed over 8 hours before I needed to wake up, my roommate is getting sick and woke me up at least 3 times in the middle of the night with various unpleasant noises from the other side of the room. After nearly falling asleep 3 times in the shower, I came back to my room, grabbed a couple pop-tarts off my shelf (my daily, highly nutritious breakfast) and ate at my desk while checking email and reading the morning’s news on my laptop. Then a few minutes before 11:00, I walked down to the front of my dorm to unlock my bike and head to chemistry lecture about a mile from my dorm. Before leaving, I got a text on my phone and noticed that it was 10:59, inspiring me to dash (fairly dangerously) through the thousands of other bikes on the road to get to class by 11.

After nearly crashing half a dozen times, I arrived to lecture (only 3 minutes late) and found my usual seat near the front. I’m not really sure why I sit near the front, given that chemistry lecture is usually fairly boring and unhelpful, but I suppose its just habit. Class lasted 50 minutes, and was fairly unexciting as per usual, other than the fact that my professor had to be corrected by a student after drawing an unrealistic diagram of an NaCl crystal. This happens about once every two classes. I then biked back to my dorm, killed a few minutes on the Internet and went downstairs to the dining hall for lunch. The dining hall is right next to my building, and is used by the approximately 400 students in the surrounding dorms.  The food varies from halfway decent to absolutely atrocious, so I wasn’t surprised when the only thing I wanted to eat in the whole place was a turkey sandwich. I ate with a few kids from my dorm, and then returned to my room to read a few pages of Hume, the philosopher, for my Introduction to Humanities class. This is the last of the British Empiricists we have to read, and I’m unbelievably thrilled to be done with them. Right before 1:00, I left for my Program in Writing and Rhetoric class, which is where I’m writing this right now.


Yo, my name is Ingrid Ulrika Jernudd. This morning my alarm clock went off at 8:30… I got out of bed at 8:40. I got a solid seven hours of sleep and was ecstatic over managing to go to sleep before two o’clock in the morning. Why the late hours you might ask? College life is ridiculously busy, hectic and fun. My average day is packed with attending classes, squeezing in meals, going to various club meetings and being distracted by friends. Now, back to this morning. After I got out of bed I headed to breakfast in the dining hall. There, I drank the brilliant creation that is coffee, had a muffin and some fruit prepared by my wonderful dining hall staff, made a sandwich for lunch and wasted time mulling over my food and talking nonsense with friends. Then, at 9:50, I longboarded (for the first time!) to my first class, chemistry. The longboarding aspect of my day has been… interesting. Before today I had only longboarded up and down the halls of my dorm, and up and down the street right outside my dorm. Needless to say, a preppily dressed blond girl riding in a rather precarious fashion on her longboard provided an amusing sight for the people I was passing by. My reaction? Who cares, in a couple of weeks I’ll be looking pretty rad. The chemistry lecture was fine and time surprisingly flew by. Afterwards it was off to introduction to psychology until 12:15.

After all of my fascinating morning experiences, I ate my sandwich, drank more coffee and also got some reading out of the way. Now it’s 1:17 and I am currently sitting in my PWR class writing this. After this class I’m planning to either go to a chemistry section or going to try and get some more reading done. At 4:15 I have a psychology study to participate in as part of my intro. to psychology class, which will last around an hour. Right after that I’m going to head to dinner at my dining hall, which is usually pretty good as there’s always grilled chicken and a huge salad and fruit bar. Oh, and, most importantly, there’s always ice-cream. In fact, there’s not only normal ice-cream there’s also soft-serve AND chocolate chips to put on top. I’ll probably end up sitting at dinner for a good two hours, chilling with friends,  procrastinating and eating too much. When I eventually make it out of the dining hall I’ll get some homework out of the way until just before 8:00, wherein I have to dash to my Frosh Council meeting. Frosh Council is like a freshmen student council and is composed of 1-3 representatives from each dorm. During the meeting we’re going to be electing Frosh Council president, our communications chair and our secretary. Unfortunately I didn’t have time to write a blurb for why I should be voted for social chair, but apparently that election isn’t until next week so hopefully I can submit one late anyways. Usually after my Frosh Council meeting I go to Fraiche and get some delicious frozen yogurt with the Frosh Council rep. that’s in my adjoining dorm. Then we dash back for dorm meeting, which starts at 10:00. During dorm meeting various announcements are made, including information Frosh Council needs to relay. Today, however, it’s just a hall meeting so the most important thing we will be discussing is where we want to go for hall dinner. Hall dinner is when your entire hall (my dorm has two floors, and therefore two halls), goes out to a restaurant for dinner, paid for by dorm funds. It’s promoted as being a good way for the hall to bond, but is essentially just an excuse to get exceptionally delicious free food. Finally, as the evening draws to an end, I’ll get some more homework done, hang out with people in the dorm and eventually get some much needed sleep.


Hey, I’m Will Dannemann. I’m about to black out as I’m writing this since I was up to 12:30 last night finishing up a problem set for my Physics class, and my alarm went off at 5:30 this morning. Not fun. So, working on 5 hours of sleep, I managed to throw on some rowing spandex, athletic shorts and a sweatshirt, pack a bag with a water bottle, and eat a banana, all while trying not to wake up my roommate. Luckily, he tends to be a heavy sleeper. All packed up, I left the room, stumbled outside, unlocked my truly terrible bicycle (it being 25 years old serves as a theft deterrent) and made my way over to the rowing vans. The team gathered, and we headed off to practice at 6:00. I don’t know how much you understand about rowing, but we, the freshman squad, ended up in two boats that are in even worse condition than my bike, relatively speaking. We went out for a quick row, did some speed work, came in, and washed the boats. We managed to leave by 8:30. We drove back to campus and I headed back to my dorm, getting there around 9:00. I took a shower, brushed my teeth, and got ready for my 10:00 lecture. It’s a 50 minute class but I had to leave early to go see the doctor. The sports doctors here decided that I needed to get a check up for my heart. That took about an hour, which is why I was so late to the class that I am now writing this for, and is the reason that this post is so far down. After handing in a paper and getting another back, I left and got lunch (generally my first meal of the day, except for Saturday and Sunday where we have Brunch, essentially a late breakfast for all the people who slept in after a long Friday or Saturday night, but that is probably a term for you guys too…), then went to my lecture for my class on Utopian visions. I believe I only managed to stay awake for half of it. It wasn’t my fault; 5 hours of sleep and a dark room is hard to contend with. I’m just about to start getting ready for my second practice of the day, then I will probably come back to my dorm, do some reading, possibly do a problem set for math, or at least check over what I’ve already done with some other people, and try to get to sleep before midnight. No early practice on Thursday at least!

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