humanities are important within the educational system

Kevin Lee                                                                                         Instructor: Lynn Reid

English  201                                                                                            October 10, 2010


Why study the humanities are important within the educational system? Let start to think of why we need education, as today we know that education has the same importance as food, to be essential to a life of an individual.  Through exploration of the humanities we learn how to think creatively and critically, and to ask question or make a good decision.  Without having ourselves being educated, we will be facing a problem of illiteracy. Imagine the three quarters of unemployed adults have reading or writing difficulties, that is to say, the effects on this society that would make the country harder to develop.  How does cause of illiteracy affect the nation or the world?  Similarly, if the world without humanities everyone is given an opportunity to pursuit the limited jobs which exceed the limitation those people who finding jobs. Therefore, this will slow the economic growth and result the economy collapse.

We need humanities to practice our thinking skills to allow us to gain new insights into everything that to be more open and question things more. To study humanities is not just a subject course, but it can also be an ongoing process and practice in life.  Through the work of humanities, it helps people better understand and communicate with one another. This is very important to every standard level of the education around the world because humanities educate people the values of different cultures and the history is made the past which has created present. So the study of humanities teaches people how to study and look at how the past developed and how it has impacted today’s world.

Knowing this area of knowledge will deepen our understanding, for instance, an appreciation of other’s cultures and other’s points of view. This helps the society not only reduces race discrimination but also improve the human quality of showing respect. So the research goal for this project is to give attention to the people especially in underdevelopment countries that the education with humanities is the key to knowledge ones into its maximum potential, and unite the people and the country, which will result to the improvement of economically and politically and peacefully global.



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2 Responses to humanities are important within the educational system

  1. Grant Beard says:

    Kevin, this is a very interesting topic to research. I like where this is going, by focusing on the effect that the humanities have on the overall growth of society. However, I would stress that you need to make sure that you clearly link the benefits of studying the humanities with these social ramifications and prove that it is the cause of humanities and not something else. I think that this could be a very good thing to research and the study of education in developing nations is important for our future. Good luck, and I hope that this helps!

  2. ccrvisitor says:

    I too am a firm believer that education in the humanities provides valuable knowledge on simple but fundamental questions, i.e. what aspects characterize humanity as individuals and as a whole. However, your argument that basic education in humanities will bring people in third world countries together will have to be extremely convincing. You really have to specify what is learned in these types of classes, and how this learning will be more helpful than say education in the math and science area. I wish you the best of luck with this research project!

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