The Usage And Needs of Humanities In the Gay Community

Since the moment this country was founded more than two hundred years ago, different “minority” groups have been fighting for equal share of power, respect, and recognition.  The word “minority” is a loosely used term because the different oppressed groups are not, nor have been minorities in ways of actual numbers but more so in the way of representation.  While it is true that the power holders of this country has diversified in the past two centuries, they are still a pathetic display of representation of the American people and is further proven evident by the laws that are they pass and continue to uphold.
There has been many different civil rights and equality movements in this country and while one can argue they are not actually equal to the typical power holders, they at least have laws in their favor that grant them basic human right, protection, and equality.  The gay community has none of this on the federal level.  Until very recently, gay men and women had to lie about their actual identity in order to serve their country.  In certain states today, the LGBT community is fighting for the right to get married while meanwhile in other states, the mere admission of being gay can result in the loss of a persons job and persecution from the community.  In some states a gay person is not permitted in the hospital room of their dying partner no matter how long they have been together.  Some individuals were forced to spend their last days alone because the state and federal government would not recognize their closest companion as legitimate family.
In this paper I would like to research and show to the reader the different ways the gay community has used the humanities as a means of finding acceptance. As a way to create their own subculture in a world that cast them aside as unwanted.  I would also like to see how, if at all, this subculture has acted as a forum to create even more discrimination for the LGBT group. Finally I would like to find out how the community is using the humanities to create a forum to push their agenda and how they may be able to further use the humanities to foster a hospitable environment and a forum for dialogue and education to stop the hate and ignorance against the community.

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One Response to The Usage And Needs of Humanities In the Gay Community

  1. Sean Park says:

    Before reading this post, I never thought of relating humanities with the gay community. I do agree on how challenging it is for homosexuals to exert their rights in this country. More complicating their difficulties is the fact that many people openly argue that gay people do not deserve the same kinds of protections and opportunities that “normal” people take as granted.
    I would like to see more specific examples on how the gay community tries to employ humanities toward their own interest. Do they publish novels to argue for their rights? Or cite philosophical or biblical references to defend their positions? It will be interesting to see how you connect two fields that are seldom considered as being related to each other.

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