Identity of a child born into a polygamous family

This post was written by a student in Susan Schuyler’s Narrative, Rhetoric, and Identity class at Stanford University. Each student in this class will complete a research-based argument related to the course topic.

The topic I am choosing to explore for my research-based argument will explore the prevalence of polygamy and religion on reality television shows like Sister Wives and  HBO’s Big Love. I decided to explore the effects that living in polygamous families has on children of polygamous relationships. On the show Sister Wives the husband, Kody, has a total of 13 children not including the 3 he is about bring into his house with the courting of his newest wife. I though it would be neat to think about the role the children play in the lives of polygamous families. Does the family dynamic become extended? Are we adding a new definition to the term family? I plan on using critical texts that explain plural marriages and polygamous marriages. I have found specific materials where the author had explained the typical household of a polygamous family. I want to explore how the relationship is explained to children of these families, and the likelihood that children of a polygamous family will continue practicing this belief. How often do children decide to break away from the practice, and how often do children decide to stick with it? In short my essay will examine the identity a child of a polygamous family develops.


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One Response to Identity of a child born into a polygamous family

  1. ccrvisitor says:

    I really like how this topic is so unique and allows you to learn about a subject that most people don’t have a lot of knowledge about. I’m interested to see what you find in your research. I know you are going to come across quite a few resources that are highly opinionated concerning the controversial idea of polygamy, but I feel that your decision to focus on the identity of a child in a polygamous family will concentrate your efforts on a more grounded topic.

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