Reputation vs. Publicity

This post was written by a student in Susan Schuyler’s Narrative, Rhetoric, and Identity class at Stanford University. Each student in this class will complete a research-based argument related to the course topic.

My paper will be talking about how television shows such as the Jersey Shore and Laguna Beach depict and create a stereo-type for a certain area in America.  Many people across the nation watch these television shows, so they become popular and probably attract more tourists.  However, is this a good thing? For example, the Jersey shore became much more popular within the past year because of the hit MTV television show called, The Jersey Shore.  But, most people can agree that they think of New Jersey as “trash” because of the television show, which they love to mock because of the cast (even though none of them are actually from the state of New Jersey).  The state now holds a reputation for being full of ridiculously tan Italian people, most of them known as guidos and guidettes.  Laguna Beach has never needed much press because it was already beautiful as it was, but the television show definitely sent more people to that particular beach, probably helping the town by advertising it.  However, is it good that the nation views Laguna Beach as a place where rich kids with so called “drama” filled lives reside?  It tells viewers that the students have too much money and way too much time.  So, all in all, is a place’s reputation more important than how the town or city is fairing financially?

-Kristie Ahn

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2 Responses to Reputation vs. Publicity

  1. ccrvisitor says:

    This is an interesting topic. I can relate to your point. You may want to do a survey and find out how people feel about both shows. I have not seen the Jersey Shore show but have heard a lot of negative things about the actors. Their inmature behavior, has not caused me to view the Jersey Shore in a negative way. Good luck with your paper.
    Alicia Garcia- CCNY

  2. ccrvisitor says:

    This is a great topic to explore because it can show how much these shows actually affect these areas in terms of tourists rates and the way the residents feel. Certainly MTV has made a lot of area popular, such as Jersey Shore, Miami beach, and Laguna Beach. Each year many of us travel there for that “celebrity” feeling. You may want conduct a survey on the people who travel there and find out exactly why they choose to travel there. Good luck!

    Zaheer Nooredeen

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