Gentrification is destroying communities

Topic Proposal

There is nothing more disturbing than destroying lower class communities for the benefit of the rich. The process of gentrification is not only demolishing well established neighborhoods but it is also annihilating humanities programs throughout the city. One way it does this is by bringing high income residents to the neighborhood which establishes limits on the amount of government funding. The Lower East Side is one of the neighborhood effected by the gentrification process since the 90’s. At Grand Street Settlement senior citizen program, Headstart,GED, ESL programs and affordable healthcare have been either cut back to such minimal standards they are practically obsolete. For me, it has been an ongoing battle trying to keep up for several reasons. One reason is that now my mother is a senior citizen, she needs programs to help her keep up with a continuously changing world. Another reason, is that there is no affordable apartments in the city. New York City is only for the rich by today’s standards. It seems that there is no reasonably priced homes for the poor, the working class and the middle class, to live in. Everyone, except for the rich is being pushed out of the neighborhood.


Background information needed for this proposal:

  • History of community
  • Research at local centers
  • Neighbors personal histories
  • Demographics and Statistics
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