Hello Stanford

We’ve decided to briefly introduce ourselves as a class. The first thing we usually do in the morning is check our phones (bbm messages).  Sleep is a priority; we like to sleep for the maximum amount of time, so we wake up just before we’re supposed to go down to Uni.   Breakfast is not as big of priority, we are too busy, but we get our juice or coffee from Cilantro Café (Egyptian Starbucks). The first class of the day is chemistry class where we check our bbm messages again. In the assembly hour, we head to the library to complete some of our assignments, sleep, and check our BBM messages. Bicycling on campus is usually not possible, so we instead go to the gym and workout on the machines.  After university, we go back home to have lunch. The traditional Egyptian lunch consists of rabbits with ‘molokheya’ (a green  vegetable soup). We then rest at home and go out if there are any plans, or if we have midterms we stay at home and study. Then we check our bbms and go to sleep.

My students wrote their introduction  in the spirit of satire. In addition to being hard workers, they also have good sense of humor about themselves and  most things. However, they neglected to mention that their  extra curricular activities such as Model United Nations, Arab League, horseback riding,  theatre club,football, etc   in addition to their  academic work  is why they enjoy sleeping so much.  That’s all for me… I have ot go check my BBMs.

Mark Mikhael,Writing Instructor

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