Caught in a Sappy Romance

For this exchange, students from Stanford and the American University in Cairo posted and commented on each other’s analyses of political cartoons and advertisements.


This clip is an advert for a fictional movie that would be the third movie in the famous Dirty Dancing series that starred Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey. It is a parody of the typical romantic and sappy movies that are predictable and full of cheesy romantic lines such as “I’m scared to walk out of this room because I know I’ll never feel the same way I do when I kick you in the face.” This line is directly mocking these corny and often hard to sit through scenes in similar movies by putting a ridiculous twist on the typical scenario. This fake movie trailer also mocks the notion of romantic courtship by portraying it in the most ridiculous sense possible–falling in love at first sight while dance-fighting each other. Lastly, this ad is also parodying the notion of an American girl falling in love with a foreigner, which is a fantasy whose origin I do not know–how often does this happen, honestly.

Even so, by parodying the sappy and cheesy romantic movies like Dirty Dancing, this fake trailer is parodying a well known genre that exists in various forms throughout the world, and therefore it can appeal to several different cultures and perspectives because the object of its mockery is more or less universal worldwide.

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