A Taste of Life

For this exchange, students from Stanford and the American University in Cairo posted and commented on each other’s analyses of political cartoons and advertisements.

We feel this ad appeals to a wider cultural demographic because it employs some pretty mainstream themes in order to convey it’s message about the drink Coke Zero. The story of the ad is that a pretty miserable looking guy (the hero) walks into a grocery story and sees his ex-girlfriend. He is excited to see her until a man (her new boyfriend) walks up and puts his arm around her. She asks how her ex has been and before answering, “our hero” drinks some Coca Cola. Suddenly the music changes, and this really hot girl walks up to “our hero” and asks him whether he wants whipped cream and chocolate sauce. He grabs here, they get pulled out by a helicopter while he answers his ex by yelling a sarcastic comment about how she knows him and he’ll manage. The grocery store, containing his ex-girlfriend and her new boyfriend, blows up as “our hero” and his new girl are safely flown away.
This story line is pretty universal as most people can relate to the hardship of seeing their ex in a new relationship. The language aspect doesn’t play a particularly crucial role in understanding the ad, as it’s more in the theme of an action movie with the character of “our hero” going off with a James Bond-esque girl as things blow up, crashing music blares and clips are flashed/inserted during the skit. Therefore, people across the globe wouldn’t have much difficulty understanding what was going on during the ad and would presumably enjoy the action movie aspect of it.
-Ingrid and Ben

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