Dont Judge Too Quickly…

For this exchange, students from Stanford and the American University in Cairo posted and commented on each other’s analyses of political cartoons and advertisements.

This ad is appropriate because it presents humor that overcomes the language barrier. Simply put, the material is funny because of the actions of the characters rather than what they say. The video itself is a compilation of 5 different ads that present funny scenes in different situations. The first video shows a man preparing a romantic dinner for his girlfriend when his cat all of a sudden spills the tomato sauce as he is cutting vegetables. Sadly, this is immediately when his partner walks in and sees him holding a knife and his cat with red sauce all over it. Putting the pieces together, the viewer realizes what she must think and knows what actually happens making it extremely funny. All of the ads are set up in the same fashion. The second ad shows a father taking his daughter and some friends to a concert when they pull over for some gum. As the girl bends her head into the car to grab money from her dad, the cops pull up behind the car and shine the light on them thinking it was actually an exchange between a man and a prostitute. The third video shows a mother and daughter going to see the father in the hospital right as a nurse uses the defibrillators to kill a fly. The mother and daughter walk in just as the nurse looks at the almost invisible fly and says, “that killed him.” The final video shows a man walking his dog while eating a brownie. All of a sudden he drops the brownie behind the dog and picks it up to eat it. Meanwhile, a few onlookers think he is picking up dog poo and he ends up eating it. The shock humor makes these commercials funny even if the viewer doesn’t speak English.

— Rohan Shah

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