Old Spice Ad

For this exchange, students from Stanford and the American University in Cairo posted and commented on each other’s analyses of political cartoons and advertisements.


This advertisement for Old Spice mocks gender stereotypes in America. The football player selling the product, “Swagger,” embodies American masculinity. He discusses the ingredients for his life: hard work, a pinch of love, body muscles, and Old Spice. He also says “I don’t play fantasy football, I play for real football.” He is physically very large, yet his appearance coming out of the shower covered in soap suds is humorous. This contrast between the “real world” and the “fantasy world” illustrated through the huge fake bird and the fantastical space is also funny.

Finally, in the last seconds of the commercial, the football player blows up a planet, showing that by using Old Spice and embodying his masculinity he has unyielding power. This clip promotes male dominance and power in society, showing men that by using Old Spice they, too, can be ultimate, controlling males.

– Aliza

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