The Homeless Culture and the Humanities

I would like to focus on the homeless for my project topic. The homeless are an underrepresented culture in the humanities. Scattered all throughout the city, in side alleys, tunnels and streets, the homeless live out their lives on the brink of survival. Often they are treated with hostility by the rest of society. Stereotypes about them further alienates them from society and without a voice they are left to drift farther away from the more fortunate. It’s easy to forget the humanities when people already have a preconceived notion to detest a group of people they could not understand. Stories of their harrowing lives are often passed on to the other homeless people through oral tradition and are not passed on to other sides of society. Their society is very secluded and it takes an open mind to see and understand them. What I’ll try to achieve with my project is to spread understanding to the class, at least.


By Zeno

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2 Responses to The Homeless Culture and the Humanities

  1. Kylie says:

    This is an interesting topic. I’m curious as to how you are going to find research and examples of these stories that are passed on between homeless people. Are you planning to explore how society treats homeless people with hostility? Also, are you going to include an argument (such as the rest of society should have an open mind to the homeless) or are you strictly going to report information?

  2. JoyM says:

    Hi! I just selected the homeless culture for my multicultural counseling class and wondered how your research went. Would love to hear about what you found the most interesting in your research.

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