Topic Proposal: Oppression of LGBTQ Community in the US by denial of Equal Rights

Historically the United States has withheld Constitutional Rights from its citizens based on discriminatory prejudices. The two most remembered movements are the African American & Women’s Rights Movements. There is, however, another group of people in the US that started at their plea for equality at the same time as these two other movements, but has yet to be given the freedom of equality the rest of the nation enjoys. The struggle for  equal rights and protection under the law for the LGBTQ Community has been going on for decades and these citizens are denied the right to live freely, happily and equally in America. This denial of rights to the LGBTQ community is another form of oppression in the history of the United States. It is prevalent throughout this society. Even in Military service they are oppressed with the DADT (recently repealed, and then reinstated) the LGBT community cannot even serve their country openly and freely. They can fight and die for their country as long as they do it while in the closet. The legal and Constitutional issue of their civil rights has long been overshadowed by religious propaganda. The separation of church and state has been completely ignored in this struggle. The bottom line is simply that it is unconstitutional to deny anyone basic civil rights based on any dissimilarity that group may have from the majority. The same reason why women and African Americans were given their civil rights and protection is the reason why the LGBT Community should be given theirs. It is simply unconstitutional to deny any American Citizen their Constitutional rights based solely on sexual orientation or preference.

I will be doing a large amount of research on the Constitution and its Amendments, particularly the rights of citizens. I will be looking into the history of the movement as well as any cases that have gone through the courts pertaining to equal rights and discrimination. I also want to find out how the general public (LGBT & Straight) feels about the treatment of the LGBT community by society, media, religion and the government; getting the public’s general opinion is on what is being said in the media, and how they feel about religious politics forming US Policies and laws. For this I will be conducting a survey and interviews with people to get their point-of-view on the issue.

I chose to do this topic because as a member of the LGBTQ Community I want to live in a country where I can get married to the love of my life and our children can grow up without the bigotry of hate slapping us in the face all the time. I want to live in a country that affords all of its citizens both equal rights and protection under the law regardless of differences. I want to live in a country that lives up to its word instead of hiding its hypocrisy. I grew up here and overseas because my father was in the military. And I am sad to say that the place where I feel the most uncomfortable and unsafe being the person God meant me to be, is here, in the United States. This is the most judgmental bigoted and hypocritical nation in the world. It preaches equality and democracy but yet it feeds off capitalism, hate and religious propaganda.

Ana Mercedes Ortíz


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