topic proposal

Topic proposal

The arts are one of the categories in humanities I find interesting, especially music. I find music is very important in everyday modern life. Now days, people don’t seem to leave their home without some type of mp3 player. I am specifically interested in how the different types of music affect each individual. The type of the music we may listen to may reflect our race, home environment/ region, our language and style of dress as well as persons personality. If we can understand the relation between a persons and the music they prefer to listen to we can have a better understanding of each other. A person does not have to be a musician to express them to music; they can dance to the beat, or even just have a connection with the lyrics of another person’s song that’s very personal. Since I am a music major, as a musician, music is not just what I do. Music is more than just a part of me. I want to research opinions on how people believe music effects society. I want to see if there is a direct connection between peoples preferred music and their personality. I want to show the importance of music.


Jonathan Ruiz

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One Response to topic proposal

  1. ccrvisitor says:

    This is an interesting topic! One thing to consider: Isolating the influence music has on an individual’s personality (or vice versa) could get a bit tricky. I might look at cultural trends and/or age group trends, as those will be more quantifiable and easier to research than “the individual”. I agree that music is an incredibly important part of my personality, at least, and that it has an impact on society–it’s just going to be tricky to provide scholarly backup for points about the individual. Best of luck–it looks like it’s going to be a great project!
    Teresa Caprioglio

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