Egyptian and American Cartoons – Jason Chaves

'The trouble with these pyramid schemes, is that the only ones who benefit are the guy who dream them up.' by Downes, Nick

For this exchange, students from Stanford and the American University in Cairo posted and commented on each other’s analyses of political cartoons and advertisements.

When most Americans think of “Egypt”, they think of ancient Egypt, rather than present-day or post-WWII Egypt, as this cartoon reflects. It’s a pretty simple cartoon with not too much context behind it, it’s just depicting how most Americans imagine the building of the pyramids looked like. And then the caption at the bottom is sort of a insulting reference to American culture in that there are so many “pyramid schemes” going on in which individuals are tricked and cheated out of their money. The joining of the image and the caption is a way of saying that pyramid schemes and ponzy schemes are similar to how the ancient Egyptians forced slaves to build their pyramids.

This is a cartoon that I really like, and it was written by a guy who got his Ph.D. from Stanford! Quite simply, he’s pointing out how being in graduate school is ironically similar to being in kindergarten again. Obviously none of us have been to grad school, be we may have a good idea of what it’s like, and at the very least some of these comparisons work for undergraduate college. I think many Stanford students, especially those intending on going on to grad school for science, will find this cartoon clever and funny.

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