Hi everybody! (Group C)

This entry serves as an introduction between students at Orebro University, Sweden & Stanford University, USA.  Read a more detailed description of this exchange.

Hey, we’re Cristina, Rachel, Kingston, and Charlie!  Here’s a bit about us:

Kingston: Hi, I’m Kingston.  I live in Palo Alto, 5 minutes away from here :P, although I went to high school in England, which was awesome.  I am studying Symbolic Systems, which is a random major made up of psychology, philosophy, linguistics, and computer science.  For my project, I’m looking at how social networks affect our opinions.  I also like skiing and designing cool stuff.

Cristina: Hi, I’m Cristina.  I’m from Guatemala, and I’m studying Management Science and Engineering, which is like Industrial Engineering.  For my project I’m researching privacy and personalization in Google.  I look forward to getting to know you guys!

Rachel: Hey, I’m Rachel!  I’m originally from Phoenix, Arizona, but love being in California.  I’m studying Urban Studies with a concentration on Urban Societies and Social Change, which means I look at patterns within cities and the ways that people can solve social problems.  For this class, I’m researching the way that nonprofit organizations use Twitter.  When I’m not studying, I love cooking, reading, and scuba diving!

Charlie: Hi, my name’s Charlie.  I’m not here right now because I value my sleep more than my 9 am class.  I’m a double major in Chemistry and Computer Science, partially explaining the above.  For this class, I’m researching education and artificial intelligence.  It’s my hope that they make progress in this area so that I no longer have to bother with teachers and can just come to class whenever I want to.  AKA: not at 9 in the morning.

Looking at your website, we think your university looks great!  The campus is beautiful and it sounds like a cool city to live in.  You have vibrant student photos and we noticed you have a nightclub in your student union and the world’s largest play world.  We thought it was interesting that you website is different in English and Swedish.  We noticed that the pictures were different and were curious if the text was as well.

Overall it looks like an amazing university!  We’re looking forward to meeting you.

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One Response to Hi everybody! (Group C)

  1. Group C says:

    Hey everyone

    Today we read your post and it was interesting and we all enjoyed getting to know a bit about you all. We will tell you more about ourselves next week.

    Fidélia Zahraa Eva Kerry

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