Greetings from Orebro (Group 7)

This entry serves as an introduction between students at Orebro University, Sweden; Stanford University, USA, and Khabarovsk, Russia.  Read a more detailed description of this exchange.

Hello and privjet! We hope everything is al’ right with you guys on the other side of the atlantic ocean and in Khabarosvk.

Group seven consists of us: Raymond, Johanna, Lisa and Max. We all do study on the rhetorics-program at Orebro university and at the moment we are taking a class of intercultural rhetorics.

Raymond is 19 years old and sees this class as a good way of furfilling his goal of becoming the first dictator of Sweden. He’s a big fan of conspiracy theories and his biggest hobby is to hang around polarbears.

Johanna who is 26 years old is married and has two kids, five and seven years old. She’s planning to take a master degree in rhetorics and this class is one step on the way to furfill that goal. When she is not studying she likes to read or work with photografy.

Max, 19 years old, sees this class and the program itself as a waygate into a better understanding of the society itself. Specificly the ways of communication is one of the more interesting parts. On the spare time from studying he is playing team handball, in the city team, on a regular basis.

Lisa, 20 years old, is actually from the northern regions of Sweden and finds alot of joy in snowboarding and longboardning. She hopes that with this class she will gain understanding in what she wants to work with/do further on in life.

(From left: Lisa, Raymond, Max and Johanna. The guy behind is a random dude.)

Peace out!
/Johanna, Max, Raymond and Lisa

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