This entry serves as an introduction between students at Orebro University, Sweden; Stanford University, USA, and Khabarovsk, Russia.  Read a more detailed description of this exchange.


We’re group eight  (no ordinary group!) – Robert, Pauline, Josephine and Johanna!

Robert is a 21-year old  boy from Örebro 🙂
Robert loves snowboarding, his parents has a house in Sälen. Sälen is a big skiresort in north Sweden. He travels there every winter with his friends to snowboard and consume alcohol. Last winter he bailed in the funpark and dislocated his shoulder so now he works out at the gym to rebuild the stability in his shoulder. He also likes soccer and floorball. He was a floorball keeper for several years but he recently quit due to his injury. On his sparetime he likes to hang out with his friends.

Pauline is a 21-year old and lives north of Örebro.
She bought a house last year with her future husband, and they’re enjoying their escape to the country. On her free-time she is planning her wedding, hoping not to become a bridezilla! She is a planning freak when it comes to all sorts of things, for example she is remodelling her house. She always seems to dream and visualize other projects before she finish the ones she has already started. She has alot of fantasies and ideas how her house will become a dream house.

Josephine is a 22-years old woman from Stockholm, Sweden. She is one of Swedens strongest women in powerlifting and she spends most of her time at the gym; training to get even stronger. Right now her mind is set on the nationals that are comig up in the end of Februari. When she’s not at the gym, she’s probably trying to catch-up on her school-work or working as a researcher at a local company in Örebro. Josephine spent a term in Hackley School, New York, a couple of years ago and she’s really a big fan of the american culture and she’s looking forward to exchanging thoughts and meanings with you guys at Stanford.

Johanna: What to say about me? I am restless and hate spending time on my own. I spend all my time with friends and travell as soon as an opportuity is given to me. I am turning 25 in august and that really freaks me out! Everytime I think about my birthday I feel a pressure around my chest and everynight I spend at least 30 minutes infront of the mirror searching for new wrinkles. I am a hypochondriac that seriously is not welcome at the emergency room anymore. For my birthday present I wish for a car and a big shot of BOTOX.

One important thing you have to know about us is that Swedes are very friendly and nice. We always let old people have the seats on the bus, when we go shopping it’s very normal to let people cut in front of you if they are in a hurry and we always greet the cashier at the supermarket.


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One Response to GROUP EIGHT!

  1. Ekaterina Vlasenko says:

    Enjoyed reading your post very much!

    Robert, I fully share your love for snowboarding! I’m dreaming of such a house near some ski resort! Looking forward to the invitation to Sälen 😉
    Pauline, hope with all my heart that you’ll manage to turn your plans for wedding and dreams of house into reality!
    Hey, Josephine, aren’t you looking forward to exchanging thoughts and meanings with guys from Khabarovsk? Hope one day you’ll have a chance to spend some time in Russia and become a big fan of Russian culture as well :))
    Johanna, although I don’t know who of you is who on these photos, I’m telling you, you don’t need BOTOX for birthday! All of you look wonderful!!!
    Guys, I’m looking forward to discussing the topic of IKEA with you and meeting on videoconference!

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