Hello everyone

This entry serves as an introduction between students at Orebro University, Sweden; Stanford University, USA, and Khabarovsk, Russia.  Read a more detailed description of this exchange.

Hello our names are Pontus, Maria, Sara, Eva and Mattias. This is gonna be a lot of fun! We are studing Rhetoric and at the moment cross-cultural rhetoric. Where we get to meet a lot of interesting people, like yourselfs.  Sara is a girl who has a Lebanese origen, who graduate high school last year.  Where she studied technial communication. She loves sport especially soccer, she is a huge fan of Barcelona. Mattias is a facebook addict, who loves dubstep and has a degree in communication. He is going to climb the Italian alps this semester. One day he wants to take over the world! Pontus works out a lot and loves his computer, ontop of rethorics he also studies the web 2.0. Eva does not have facebook! She has been traveling a lot, to different parts of the world. She loves to photograph and playing/watching sports. The past week she spent at the Men’s handball world championship. Maria is extremely busy all the time, she does not know what leisure time is. She’s lived in LA for 4 years and is currently awaiting her american work permit. She lives for communication. She loves extreme sports and cars.

Punctuality is very important for the majority of all swedes and so is “fika”. A time we take to not only drink coffee but to communicate with each others souls. Work first, play later is also a part of the Swedish mentality. It’s very expensive to eat out in Sweden compared to buying food from the stores. We are also pretty bad cause we have to fight polarbears all the time. (Sarcasm).

We look forward to reading from all of you in the near future!

See ya!

Pontus Nordqvist, Maria Doyle, Sara Albatal, Eva Johansson, Mattias Andersson.

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