Hi Stanford and Khabarovsk

It is now January 27 and the students in the swedish speaking class on interculture is preparing their presentations for you studens at Stanford and in Khabarovsk. I am Anders Eriksson, the instructor in the class. We are going to have a videoconferences with you at Stanford  on Feb 15 and March 8. The swedish students are now writing their presentations of themselves. We are also going to interact with Olga Kovbasuyk and her class in Khabarovsk. We are hoping to do a case study on the IKEA company and some of the intercultural issues that have surfaced when IKEA has started operations in Russia. Looking forward to working with you all.

Anders Eriksson

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11 Responses to Hi Stanford and Khabarovsk

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  10. Olga Kovbasyuk says:

    Hello, dear colleagues and students from Sweden, Orebro, and from Stanford!
    This is Olga Kovbasyuk, instructor of Intercultural Communication class from Khabarovsk.
    I am happy we another wonderful opportunity to start our blog exchange on intercultural issues this coming semester. Thanks to Christine Alfano from Stanford for the web support! Thanks to Orebro, Anders and his students for interesting introductions, stories and questions. Regrettably, my students are on holiday untill 14 February, since we just finished term exams in the end of January, so they will be able to participate in our conversations in 2 weeks, but I will send the web address to them right now and hope some of them will be able to start their introductions sooner.
    We will start working on IKEA case right at the beginning of our semester, as agreed. We also hope we will have a videoconference with you to discuss this case. This sounds very exciting to be able to share and to learn from each other about cultural issues.

    Looking forward to our fruitful collaboration,

  11. Anders Eriksson says:

    Dear Students in Khabarovsk
    Thank you for the nice introductions of yourselves on the blog here. I hope that you will be able to get in touch with the students here in Sweden as you are working on the Case Study of IKEA in Russia. You should have the email by now, then you can contact each other vie email, SKYPE, Facebook, MSN or what other means of communication you want. The IKEA case is very interesting since it is a clash between Swedish and Russian business culture in Russia where the Swedish company was accused of accepting bribes. This will be very interesting.

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