Groupe A

This entry serves as an introduction between students at Orebro University, Sweden & Stanford University, USA.  Read a more detailed description of this exchange.

Allright, here is time to start our real presentation: A better one than our names.

So, let´s start with Antoine, a French of 20 years old who doesn´t like frogs and admires Laurent Baffie. He´s here to partying study journalism. When he´s not at water closet, he uses to producing music (maybe you know Antonio Mojito) and writing humor sketchs about actuallity for a little emission that´s called “Politiquement Direct”. Ok, I stop to do my own publicity. I think it´s time to let my mates presenting themselves. Kiss on your nuts ;)! Antoine.

Hej Hej

I m Agathe. As Melissa I hate describe myself. I m in Sweden since August 2010, I m studying Business. I also come from France. I choosed Sweden because I wanted to discover a different culture than my own country. And, yes that is really different! And also really cold!!

Hey folks, this is Phio presenting himself 😀

I am from the warm south of Germany but was born in the cold north of Berlin. I have a russian background, this could be the reason why i DON’T like beer, sausages and green lether trousers 😀

What i like: Greenpeace ( i am an activist – but don’t tell it the police 🙂 i am climbing with greenpeace on skyscraper 😀

i play in an band (percussion), i lead a improtheatergroup also known as theater-sport, i LOVE to climb indoor and outdoor. i am totally into audio-books, music, partys and jeah i studie sometimes psychology. I used to work as an ambulance driver and in the summer i work outdoor in a “hight rope course”.

So enough from me, let*s make a picture.

you will see from left to right: Antoine, Agathe and Phio

looking forward to get in contact with you

Group A 😀

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One Response to Groupe A

  1. melisuss says:

    Hey everyone!

    Kiss on our nuts?! Well then… Shame I don’t have nuts, as I am a woman. I like nuts in my ice cream though. As you may have guessed, this is Melissa. This was an interesting post. I am excited for Monday!

    Hey guys, this is Kyle again. You guys seem to be a lot of fun! I agree with most stuff, like not liking frogs or the cold and especially green leather trousers. Kiss on your nuts!

    Personally, I enjoy frogs. I also enjoy your music, Antonio Mojito. I am also here to party. And Phio, I’m going to tell the police 😀 Kiss on your nuts!!!1!!1!11

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