Hi everyone!

This entry serves as an introduction between students at Orebro University, Sweden & Stanford University, USA.  Read a more detailed description of this exchange.


Kerry: Hey guys, I am Kerry from Scotland and am currently taking part in an exchange program here in Sweden. I study International Business Management and i enjoy going out with my friends and swimming. A public speaker I am interested in is the Queen.

Hi. I am Zahraa from Iraq, I’m a Master student in Sweden(Orebro) , currently I am studying e-Government program and Geographic information system (GIS) master in Lund. I like reading and going out with friends sometimes. Barack Obama is the speaker I admire.

Eva and Fedélia : they are not here right now , and in the future there will be a bit detailed information about them.

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One Response to Hi everyone!

  1. Group C!! (Stanford) says:

    Hey guys!

    So nice to meet you and we can’t wait to hear more about Eva and Fedelia. It sounds like you guys are studying really interesting things! How long have you guys been studying in Sweden?

    Zahraa, I have to take a GIS class soon! I’d love to hear more about about it. (-Rachel)

    We thought it was interesting that you both chose Heads of State as your favorite speakers. I’m sure they have a lot of good practice.

    One of our favorite speeches was done by a not-as-well-known British advertising man. But you should watch it here (http://www.ted.com/talks/lang/eng/rory_sutherland_life_lessons_from_an_ad_man.html). He’s funny and makes some really good points. He’s part of a series of speeches called TED talks. Have you heard of these?

    Looking forward to talking with you next week!

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