Video conference between Orebro and Stanford: Cross-Cultural Presentations for Peer Review

On Tuesday, February 15, students from Stanford’s writing program and Orebro’s rhetoric program will connect for a video conference in which they will share presentations and reflect on concept ads and research ideas.

For links to workshop materials, visit

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22 Responses to Video conference between Orebro and Stanford: Cross-Cultural Presentations for Peer Review

  1. Sohui says:

    Hello Sweden!
    My name is Sohui Lee, and I’m the Stanford lecturer teaching PWR 2 “Got Ads: Visual Design in Print Advertising.” Students here at Stanford were asked to develop a new ad campaign for “failed ads” or for ads to be marketed internationally. On Tuesday, they will be describing their product, target audience, and initial concept ads.

    We look forward to meeting you!

  2. Anders Eriksson says:

    Hello Stanford
    We are looking forward to collaborate with you again. I have been in this project from the very beginning and both myself and my students have benefitted tremendously from working with you. The students you will meet tomorrow are taking a class in cross cultural rhetoric. The last few weeks they have studied intercultural communication and now they are starting to work on their research projects. They will share some initial ideas about their projects with you tomorrow. Hoping to have some good feedback from you so they can get into the writing process.
    Dr Anders Eriksson

  3. Group B Thursday says:

    It’s important to know the culture you are advertising too intimately so that you do not ake references that they cannot relate to. The best part of this connection was learning about a different country directly from someone who lives there versus reading about it through a third party source.

    To improve for next time, both sides should be more developed in our ideas and though process to get more relevant feedback.

    We really appreciated their honesty about our ideas and about their thoughts about their cultures identity. It was a realyl cool experience and we look forward to speaking with them again.

    We want to visit Sweden!!!!!

    ~Shilpa, Sean, Arianna

  4. From speaking with the Swedish students we learned that the language barrier was actually not a problem as our counterparts had few troubles understanding us. Also it was apparent that the Swedes knew far more about our culture than we knew about theirs. It was helpful to hear feedback on our ideas from an international perspective because it helped us to understand what could work outside of the US. The best part of the connection was our ability to connect with the students towards the end of the conversation and speak about general topics as we got more comfortable communicating with each other. It would help for next time if each side got a better explanation of the other’s assignment before making the connection. To the Swedish Group C: “Good luck on your research and we look forward to seeing how your ideas develop in the next few weeks!”

  5. Deanna Chase, Iris Clayter, Kristina Wong says:

    This video conference was a great experience. Meeting students from Sweden and learning about their research projects really helped us learn about their culture and way of life. We were also able to generate feedback from each other for our projects which is extremely helpful. We got an international perspective and the students from Sweden helped enlighten us about their different opinions. Thanks Max, Raymond, and Lisa!

  6. Andrew, Jarred, Isil says:

    1) Some specific topics don’t translate for the other culture. Some topics include housewives, the term paper, and yuppies (up-and-coming business professionals). Humor is interchangeable between the two cultures i.e. what we found funny was also funny to them.
    2) Knowing what can and cannot be understood in foreign cultures helped us to recognize what aspects of our ads could be used in a potentially international ad campaign, even though our current focus is a domestic campaign.
    3) The best part of this connection was the communication techniques such as video and audio. Both groups were very well prepared and the presentations went smoothly. We can improve our delivery and timing. It would be more effective to upload some pictures to get a visual representation of what we’re talking about.
    4) Good luck on your research papers, and hopefully our inputs and suggestions will guide you to a good grade. We apologize for McDonald’s.

  7. We really enjoyed talking with these students and found that any cultural barriers were easily overcome. They liked our ad presentations, and we were able to give each other constructive feedback. If anything, we found that chatting with them gave us the best sense of their culture. In the future, more bandwidth for the video streaming would be very beneficial!

  8. Kristin, Malin & Sandra says:

    Hello Shilpa, Sean and Arianna!

    It was really nice talking to you for a while and we are looking forward to speaking to you again!

    We got to talk a little bit about the differences between Swedish and American universities and we also mentioned some differences in our cultures. When it comes to the actual task (presenting our ideas to get feedback) we didn´t have a lot to say. We think both groups need to be a bit more prepared, but part from that we really enjoyed the conversation.

    The best part of this connection was basically just meeting other students from another country, and to create a first contact. This will be fun!

    Thank you for this time, we´ll speak to you soon!

    Peace out!
    //Kristin, Malin and Sandra

  9. Hi from Johanna, Eva, Maria says:

    They gave us tips for our assignments, what we can think about. They
    gave us a different perspective. For exempel the historical
    perspective on Eva’s assignment. The fact that Tanzania is a young
    country does that have anything to do with the tribes and the way
    they think.

    Speaking English. We had alot of fun meeting these youngsters. 😉

    Now we now how the computer and the program works, that we can use
    for next time.

    Nice to meet you, really. Good luck on your projects. It looked really
    good. Eva wonders if there’s a possibility to get ahold of the
    Tanzanian roomate? To get his perspective on her project.

    Looking forward to meeting you again in a few weeks.

    Johanna, Eva, Maria

  10. Grop D (7) says:

    Ok so the first video conference is over!
    So interessting experience and overall it seemed to go well even with our rusty english. So the presentations of our ideas from both sides were very interesting and from what we saw we could understand eachothers ideas even though our (swe) ideas weren’t complete yet.
    The best part of the conversation was all these small things that in the end you will remember the most. 🙂
    For next time I think we will have to be more aware of the time schedule so we can fit in all of the scheduled points in the conversation.
    To sum up: Awsome people across the atlantic, interesting conversations with all different subjects and a good look into a world different then ours.

    Untill we meet again! Ciao!

  11. Group E says:

    It was very interesting to be able to meet in a virtual world. How two different cultures can relate to a common interest and share experiences and knowledge is incredibly useful to us in this course. It was really nice to hear about the different ideas for the ads. We think that their ads will work very well internationally and nationally. Some correction might have to be done to suit a more international group but its only minor adjustments. It seems that the American culture does not differ that much from the Swedish one. The main reason why we were able to have this exchange is because English is the second language in Sweden. There would have been a difficult obstacle to overcome if we wouldn’t have a common language to rely on. We found that rhetoric knowledge seems to be on the same level as over here. Even though we live in different continents we have something in common, we are all students. In that way you could say that we share a culture, a culture as students. The best feedback we got was to narrow our research down and also look into how traditional culture has changed to have a more modern touch to the traditional ways. We wish that we would have more time to have a relaxed conversation about our lives and cultures.

    We think that because we all are student we all have something in common.
    1+1=3 Let’s be happy!

  12. In terms of intercultural communication and global rhetoric, humor seems to come across no matter what language you speak – it lightens the mood and makes the communication easier. They gave really great feedback in terms of considering the target audience. The best part of this connection was learning about their culture and talking about our lives as students in our respective schools. It was interesting to compare experiences. The video quality could have been a little better. To our team members across the world: You guys are great! Follow through the bribing idea – we really like it!

  13. We learned about the difference between Swedish and American cultures concerning coffee drinking. It was interesting to find that in Sweden, the coffee break is a common and everyday thing. People sit down and enjoy their coffee break with friends. It is a very social event. We compared that with coffee drinking in America, where people are rushed and usually get their coffee for the road. When we mentioned drive-in starbucks, the swedish students were surprised. It is definitely a totally foreign concept to drink coffee without it being a social gathering.
    We also learned that video games are up and comin in Sweden, compared to the already established plethora of gaming in Japan.

    We thought that the most helpful feedback from the Swedish students was whether or not our advertisements would work in Sweden. They told us a bunch of cultural concepts about advertising in Sweden, such as advertisements becoming more and more humorous. Therefore, we all concurred that incorporating more humor into our concept advertisements would be a very effective and beneficial addition.

    We felt the best part of this connection today was just interactining with a totall diverse and different culture. Initially, we barely knew anything about Sweden. In fact, this was our first interaction with a swedish group, and we couldn’t remember even hearing Swedish being spoken. So the Swedish students talked in Swedish for a bit so that we could experience what that language was like. Overall, the three students we corresponded with were funny. outgoing, and very helpful in their analyses. We greatly enjoyed this experience, and if we are ever in Sweden we will definitely drink our coffee in a different way.

  14. Sally and Colleen says:

    Different business values-America is all about selling the product, presentation is more important than costs, Sweden they consider costs heavily and environmental impact of projects.
    Trying to look in other countries/other manufacturers at how they have incorporated similar ideas my ad is trying to convey.
    Think about justifying the costs of an interactive ad.
    Hearing from a totally different perspective and the humor of language mix-ups.
    Having a better understanding of their project might help us better give them impact.

  15. Hallå Friends! says:

    Dear friends.

    We want to thank you for a great conversation. We learned alot about ad targeting “american style”. We liked your concept ads and think they would work in Sweden aswell. However, the video quality made it difficult to see the drawn pictures of your concept ads. But we did understand them, eventually 🙂

    We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your oppinions and guidence regarding our topics. Your oppinions were helpful and valuable. It’s interresting to see that there are such big differences between Sweden and America in the way we drink coffee and have “coffee breaks”.

    We were deeply concered about the fact that you did not know about the 80’s popband called Alphaville and the song “Big in Japan” when Joel presentated his west vs japan gaming culture.

    We would like to leave you with the following words: Thank you for this delightful conversation and i hope we get to see eachother again.

    //Robert, Johan, Joel
    Group C

  16. Grop D: Josh Stone, Ian Gamble, Matt Kramer says:

    This was a very interesting and rewarding experience. Hearing the thoughts, opinions, and questions of our peers across the Atlantic was very cool. The language barrier was not a problem at all because they spoke very good English, and we even learned a few Swedish words ourselves (hej hur mår du?).
    We weren’t sure if our cultural references would come across, however they were very knowledgeable about American culture.
    Overall it was a great experience.

    Looking forward to our next video chat. 🙂

  17. Grop D (7) says:

    Comment by Pauline, Mariah, Johanna & Josefin

    We learned that we have more in common that we first thought. We compared
    music, tv-shows, restaurants and other things that we enjoy. We learned
    that it’s not too hard to have a nice conversation with a couple of guys
    across the atlantic, cultural comminication can be fun if both parts make
    the effert, which we did.

    They helped with a lot of inspired ideas about our subjects. They also
    contributed with anecdots from their own culture.

    The best part of the connections was when we shared thoughts and ideas
    about our studies. Something to improve for next time, would be to prepare
    what we wanted to get out of the conversation; write questions and

    Something that was difficult was to give them feedback since they were
    working on an assignment that we’re not knowledged in.It had been easier
    to give them feedback if we would have gotten their ads sent to us before
    the conversation.

    It was a lot of fun talkning to you! See you in a few week, and good luck
    with the ads!

  18. Group E says:

    Hi i want to say it again; it was most certainly a pleasure and a privilege to talk to the Stanford students. We learned a lot of things about the cross cultural rhetoric and about the American mentality. We heard two really interesting ideas about ads and commercial. That was both radical and productive; we gave them some feedback that will help them with their project. We got good feedbacks about our own project that we will look into. I hope we get to interact more with this kind of communication. So we can learn more about the unique culture between the Americans and Swedish.

    Shadust and Mattias

  19. Örebro University, Sweden says:

    Hi Jennifer, Tal and Hunter!

    We had a good time talking to you. As Serafina said to our professor afterwards, in a slightly surprised voice: “Anders! They were really nice!” 😉

    We found it very easy to speak to you (maybe because we have such an excellent English? haha) and we think we’re more alike each other than what we expected. The most helpful feedback we got from you was that bribing, which was our planned subject for the research paper, is actually more common in the United States than we thought. Also, that we should narrow the comparison down to perhaps only two countries, for example Sweden and Russia or Sweden and the United States.

    The best part of connecting with you was that it was so easy, both technichly and socially! Hope to see you on Facebook soon! And Hunter, your mail inbox will be full by tomorrow… Haha. take care!

    Serafina, Jenny and Nastaran

  20. Pernilla, Louise och Anna says:

    Hi Margo, Jason and Trevor! It was fun talking to you guys! 🙂

    We liked your ideas, especially Jasons cute condom-add 😉 We also think that it was fun that you showed us pictures of your ads!

    We’re sorry that we couldn’t give you more feedback about your concept-ads, but we think that you’ll manage well enough without them ;p

    The best part of this connection was that you guys were so much fun and easy to talk to!

    The thing that we should improve for next time is to be more focused and be more prepared when we present our research ideas xD

    Remember: “Jag heter..”

    Hope to see you guys soon!
    Pernilla, Anna and Louise.

  21. Eva, Johanna, Maria says:

    Hello, really nice to see you again! And to see the work that you had done. Really nice job guys! We found it interesting to see the progress you guys have made in the past 3 weeks. You guys might have a future in advertisment after all. 🙂
    Thank you for your time, it was fun. And Eva wants to thank you for the roomate from Tanzania’s emailaddrsss.

    Good luck with all things in the future.

    Eva, Johanna, Maria

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