Reflecting group A

1. It is very superficial to getting to know someone over webcam and microphone during such a short time. We would like to have more time to getting to know each others background and culture.

2. Even here we would like to have some more time, so we won’t feel so stressed about going through everyone’s project in such a hurry. We feel that we got some timeaspect to our projects, and we got inspired to look more things up that Is relevant for our projects.

 3. It was very fun to learning to know them and more about the students of Stanford. It was very fun to hear how their studies are different than ours.

4. We are looking forward to meet you again in 3 weeks, and we had a really good time talking to you. Good luck with your projects and studies and we see you soon again 🙂

Sincerely, Sofia, Josefine and Mattias

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One Response to Reflecting group A

  1. Group B Thursday says:

    -Had more in common than expected
    -We spent more time discussing our cultures rather than discussing our ads
    There are some things that are hard to talk about due to the language barrier. I felt like I had to be more simple in my language and communication of my ideas because of this. Specific rhetorical terms are hard to explain because of the language barrier as well.
    -In general, we learned about their culture and was fun to share stories

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