Group 4!

Hey guys, how are you doing?

We are Kate, Ivan and Olga (from left to right almost on all the photos). We are the students of Khabarovsk State Academy of Economics and Law, majoring in International Accounting.

For our research in frames of IKEA Case Study we have chosen the topic of IKEA in RUSSIA.  Hope to have hot discussion of the issue with you in the nearest future! But before we start some words about each of us.

Kate: I’m 20-years old. I’m a keen snowboarder, emotional debater and social activist.  Have been learning Chinese for two years and am going to take French. My major interest is meeting new people and learning new things from them. I love children very much and am highly engaged in social projects and volunteering for orphanages and schools. In other words I’m always on the move and I like such a life-style!

Ivan: Hey, guys! I’m 19 years old, tall, blond-brown-haired guy, studying economics. I like big and noisy companies, black’n’white photographs and prefer spending free time for my own use and the use of the society. I’m sure every person should do the best to change the world for the better. Hope we’ll have great time carrying out our conference.
P.S. Am totally fond of curd cakes and always sing aloud while being home alone.

My name is Olga and I’m 19. I can not wait for summer! While it’s winter outside I like drinking coffee with cinnamon. I’m really mad about England and everything connected with it. Can’t imagine life without music and friends. I study German and am really preoccupied with it. I hope for a great communication with you!

Three more guys have just joined our group. They are Jenya, Yana and Alina. Please, greet them!

Jenya: I am 19 years old. I am a monitor of this group of talented and interesting people, who are future accountants. My creed is “Everything has its end”, which helps me overcome all the obstacles I face. I follow the principle “If you are kind, people around you are kind too”.  I cannot imagine my life without volleyball and my friends.

Yana: I’m 20. I have to admit that sometimes I’m really lazy. But all in all I am a good student. I’m funny, cheerful; love summer, spring, winter and fall, adore sea, traveling, and my dream is to visit as many countries as possible.
Although I have some problems with English, I do my best to advance it))

Alina: I am 19. My biggest passion is travelling, that is why I am really interested in international communication, learning foreign languages and discovering different cultures. As for now I am learning English and French. Another interest of mine is fashion, and I try to develop myself in this sphere. Also I am crazy about France. I can spent lots of time learning something new about this country, listening to French music or watching French movies.

What unites us is a strong desire to learn more about people from different backgrounds and gain an insight into other cultures. Looking forward for enriching communication and productive discussion of IKEA Case.

See you soon!

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  1. varun says:

    Beautiful Russian landscapes. I love Siberian region.

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