G-7even. Developments after Fabruary 2010

Hello, students from Standford and Orebro we are glad to see you in our blog) We are very excited to participate in such conversation with you guys!

Our group consists of 5 people. Meet:

John, Philipp, Yana, Sasha, Stepan (from left to right)

Hello everyone, I’m Alexandr, you can call me Sasha. I’m 19 and I like studying languages and culture of different nations. I like playing football, skiing,

skating and more. I never loose a chance to contact with people among the world. And I really hope to get to know you guys much better.

Hi, everyone, I’m Stepan. I’m from Khabarovsk, I live here and study at the Khabarovsk State Academy of Economics and Laws. When I entered to the Academy, I began to study German, I consider the process of studying languages being really exciting. I enjoy sports, especially swimming, but my passion is ballet. There is nothing better than sitting on the sofa and watching ballet! =) I major in international marketing and I’m really fond of it. Our collaboration with you seems to be interesting, and I’m shure it will be useful experience in Intercultural Communication for everybody. Such discussions convince me that the word «international» in the name of my major isn’t just a word.

My name is Yana Gladchenko. I live in Khabarovsk city and study international marketing. I want to be a professional in my field that`s why I work. I love my family and friends and we are together every free moment. I like swimming and travelling, so I choose coastal countries with rich history.

Hi, guys!
Name’s Evgeny, but it’s ok to call me John ) I’m 20 ys old
Like the other guys I live in a small, but wonderful city Khabarovsk, which is on the Far East of our country & very close to China, by the way. So cross-cultural communication means a lot for us )
I study in Khabarovsk State Academy of Economics and Law, specializing in international marketing. So it goes without saying that such opportunity to communicate & collaborate with you discussing different topics is worth it.
As for me – I’m interested in many things from reading to traveling, & have a lot of ideas in my head, but some circumstances… ok, it’s just my laziness doesn’t allow me to bring any cases to the end )

Hello my dear foreign friends! My name is Philipp, I live in countryside of Khabarovsk in Primorskaya village, but i was born in Khabarovsk. Now I study in Khabarovsk State University. I’m fond of rock music and learn playing the electric guitar. I’m well aware of economical and cultural situations in our country and the world. thanks for ur attention)

Our main aim now is to study IKEA case to improve our skills as specialists in our fields.

We have a question for you guys. Do you like the University you study and in what country you would like to study the most? And why did you choose exactly your university? Thanks for attention and let’s stay in touch!

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