IM group №2

Hello, dear Swedish students! We are Russian group of 4 from the Khabarovsk state academy of economics and law.

Our subject is Sweden and Russian ways of management. We will be very glad to communicate with you, discuss this subject and share information.

OxanaHi, guys! My name is Oxana and I am 19.  I like sport and  active way of life! 🙂 Besides, I am interested in international communication and that’s why I am sure we will have an excellent conversation. 🙂


АняHi, everyone! My name is Ann, I am 19. I am rather easy-going and cheerful person. I like travelling, and spend my free time with friends, so I think it would be easy to communicate with you. I hope our cooperation would be successful and useful for us.


My name is Lina. I am a student of khabarovsk Academy of Economics and Law and i am on third year of studying.I can say that my life is cool because it full of wonderful moments. I have a perfect family, Favourite friends and hobbies. Oh some words about my hobbies- I like reading,listening to music  (classik,pop,hip-hop,drum) and photography.But i am just a beginner.

Hello, my name is Julia, i am 19. I realy appreciate this opportunity to communicate with Swedish students and looking forward new friends. I like reading, going to the cinema-theatre, singing, listening to the music and travelling. Can’t wait to hear your ideas on topic.





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One Response to IM group №2

  1. Group no2 says:

    Hi, nice seeing you guys. We´re really looking forward to working with you! Check your mail often beacuse we will probably be asking a lot of questions, and feel free to do the same!


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