Russian Group 2

Greetings from Russia! We are another group working on a topic ”Sweden and Russian ways of management” We are happy to communicate and share ideas.

My name is Artem. I am 20. I am a student of Academy of Economy and Law. Now I live in Khabarovsk, but my birthplace is Tynda. I like sport very much, I have been playing basketball already for 10 years. So I represent Academy in different competitions of Far East. I am a fan of this game. When I have a free time I prefer to have a fun with my friends. I like hip-hop.



 Hi! My name is Evgeny, I am 21, and I know, that my name is sometimes written in many different wrong ways, like Evgenii, or else. Just imagine, how many wrong ways are there to pronounce it! I lived in New Zealand for 1 year, so, one day, I decided, that Eugene is a good name too. What else can I say? Well, I go in for boxing and play piano. In any case, can tell you, that, first, I know how useful crosscultural communication can be, because I went through it before, and, second, I am happy for this opportunity to have a look on things from a different angle.  I am sure, that both you and us would benefit a lot from this cooperation.


 Greetings! My name is Seva! I’m 19. I’m actually glad to get such a good opportunity to improve my English through interacting with people from another country. Looking forward to fruitful cooperation in the discussion of our topic. As for my interests… I’m fond of music, especially rap(but mostly Russian than English). I also attend Chinese course. But, of course, my favourite way to use(and sometimes, unfortunately, to waste) spare time is surfing the Net. I’m delighted with this chance to make it more useful.


My name is Makar. I’m 20 years old. I’m from Russia, Komsomolsk-on-Amur. My major is international commerce, and I study English as well. I like music, especially rap and trance. Also I like football. I spend my free time with my friends hanging around streets.

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