Orebro and Stanford video conference – Part II: Cross-Cultural Presentations for Peer Review

On Tuesday, March 8, Sohui Lee’s Stanford writing class and Anders Eriksson’s Orebro rhetoric class will reprise their February 15th connection for another set of presentations about their research projects.  After nearly a month of research and writing, students are prepared to showcase their concept ads and the progress they’ve made on their projects.

Participants in this exchange are invited, after the video conference, to reflect on what they learned by posting a comment response to this blog entry.  In particular, they could answer the following questions:

  • What did you learn about intercultural communication and global rhetoric across cultures?
  • What feedback was most helpful to you?
  • What was the best part of this connection? What can we improve for next time?
  • What closing words do you have for your team members across the world?

We’re looking forward to this next installment in what was, in February, a wonderful cross-cultural connection!

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20 Responses to Orebro and Stanford video conference – Part II: Cross-Cultural Presentations for Peer Review

  1. Sohui says:

    Stanford’s PWR 2 Got Ads teams are excited to meet with Oreboro students once again.
    During this last month, students finished conducting research into their company, product industry, and target audiences, wrote a research paper. They presented their findings and their concept ads in a 8-10 minute oral presentation on PowerPoint. Currently, they are in the process of finalizing their concept ads.
    I have asked Stanford teams to present ONE concept ad to their Swedish audience: making an argument for how their conceptual ad design is the most persuasive means of appealing to their target audience. They will welcome constructive responses, especially responses that are specific about what works or what doesn’t.


  2. Deanna Chase, Iris Clayter, Kristina Wong says:

    Another interesting conversation with the Swedish students! They responded well to our advertisements and certainly provided some good feedback. It was also interesting to hear how their research has progressed, Max and Joel have a lot of good information about video gaming across cultures. Good experience overall!

  3. We spent another useful hour presenting our finished ads to the Swedish students and hearing about how their research has progressed. It was helpful to receive feedback from people that haven’t had as much exposure to our topics and their nitpicky eyes spotted our mistakes. It was also cool to hear about the specifics of their research into mental disorders across cultures, collective family identities, and dealing with the integration of very different cultures. Thanks for telling us about your research and good luck!

  4. We had a lot of fun! We presented our ads and then learned about their research topics, which led to some great conversations comparing our cultures. We talked about politics, weather, corruption in Ikea and, of course, Ikea meatballs.

  5. Andrew, Isil, Jarred says:

    1) Not every saying we have is applicable in other cultures i.e. the term party-foul.
    2) It was helpful to know that colors were very important. Even the small details of the ad played a role in the overall argument.
    3) The best part of this connection was getting an opinion from a foreign audience/different perspective. This really showed us that it is important to alter your ad in order to relate to a vastly varying range of demographics. It would be helpful to have a similar subject to argue on.
    4) Good luck on your final research papers and we hope that our input helps you strengthen your argument!

  6. Group E, Ellika, Toulouse & Pontus says:

    We had an interesting conversation with our fellow students from America. It’s unfortunate that we are working with such different things. If we would have more similar assignments we could probably be more of help for each other. We feel we got good feedback with litterature tips etc and other good stuff. We both learned that we are more similar than we previously thought and we all looove pizza and beer!

    We wished them the best of luck with their project and thanked them for all their help.

  7. Grop D (7) says:

    It was very intresting to talk over marratech again, first we looked at Deanna, Iris and Kristina´s concept ads. And it was impressive that they had put so much effort in the work of making theese ads. To actually se how far they’ve gone since our last talk and to now have created something more complete then a sketch gave a whole new point of view on their ads and the effect was remarkable.
    The feedback we got on our paper subject was rewarding, and helpful in our further work. We felt as well that they actually put some effort in the feedback with their own questions etc and not just responded with the typicall “looks good” then silence 😛
    Rewarding, interesting and fun over all. These video conferences will give a new perspective of things and will open our minds for new point of views and possible challenges.

  8. Group B Thursday says:

    We really enjoyed today’s discussion, it was an eye-opening experience to learn that mistreating women is very prevalent among certain religious groups, and that these crimes (even killings) continue when families from that group move to Sweden, a place where religion and culture should not mix as they do in other cultures. In the U.S., we generally have a very liberal “any religion can help define your sub-culture” because it would not be a truly free country if we didn’t let people express their religious traditions and ways of life. However, while some aspects of the “don’t mix culture and religion” mantra of Sweden may be frowned upon by the United States, for cases like this, it seems that this policy may be for good reason. In addition, we were very surprised to learn the minimal punishments, even for the act of killing.

    They liked our ads and the most important feedback given was confirming whether or not the concept behind the ad in effective among different audiences.

    Thanks for meeting with us later at night! We really appreciated your feedback and enjoyed our brief and interesting discussions.

    ~Shilpa, Sean, Arianna

  9. Sofia, Jonas and Nour says:

    Hi you guys in group 1!

    Nice talking to you again, and for the first time.
    Looks like all of your projects are going swell and will most likely end up well. Thanks for the insight on the american leadership and Arnold (if you can call that leadership). Hope you enjoy all the good things Sweden have to offer. More IKEA and meatballs to the people! =)
    Be well!

  10. Kristin, Malin & Sandra says:

    Thanks so much for yet another interesting conversation with you! The meeting with you has been very interesting and it has been fun to replace the different perspectives of cultures with you! You were rikitgt creative in your thinking and creativity around your pictures. We really liked the outcome of your works. Your feedback to us was useful. We got a new thinking on how people who do not understand the subject look at it, which helps us when we are writing so that diversity will be able to read.

    We will miss you and those pleasant conversations, even though it was a bit quiet at times because of our language difficulties. Hope you will be satisfied more alloy end result and you’ll have a much-needed sleep when your course is completed. You have to take care of you.

    Hugs from Sweden!

    Ps. Kristin says hi.

  11. Group B Thursday says:

    We received helpful feedback from the students from other cultures, increasing our confidence in our concept ads. The fact that they understood what the ads were trying to say was fascinating.
    Also, because we have met before we felt more close, sharing more jokes and enjoying the conservation.
    Their essay thesis has a lot of potential and we hope that they successfully write up their great ideas.

  12. Grop D (7) says:

    Hi guys!
    It was nice talking to you.. Your pictures were well done and with great thoughts and you explained it perfectly.. it was sad that we coulden´t see the fouth picture…
    thank you for the feedback on our projects, eventhough you didn´t know so much about the revolution in nothern Africa…

    Take care // Johanna, Mariah, Pauline

  13. We had fun talking with the students in Sweden. We learned a lot about their culture and their schools, and this time, we got to know them a bit more personally (such as, how many siblings?). We got a lot of great feedback on our advertisements and how to improve them. Again, humor played a huge part in getting across the message of an ad. It was really interesting to hear about their paper, which talked about gay marriage in California and compared to other states, and what they are studying in school (majoring in Rhetorics?!) It was especially interesting to compare our school and theirs. Keep facebooking!! (No detox!)

    Thank you so much! We truly enjoyed it.

    Jenn and Tal

  14. It was interesting to see how the direction for your research essay has changed focus a little bit over the past 2 weeks. You guys have a really intersting idea of comparing the two very similar customs in the Swedish coffee break and English tea break. Our favorite part was discussing your project as well as everyday topics when we had sometime at the end of our presentations. It was great to get the chance to talk to you guys again and we wish you the best of luck in the future.

  15. Colleen, Sally, Andy says:

    the feedback was helpful to see how effective the ads were in communicating our ideas: audience, product, product’s use. Interesting to see how they interpreted the ads vs. how we expected them to react.

  16. Hey Kelsey and the dudes. says:

    Hey guys.

    Thank you for our video conferens. It was really nice seeing you again and sharing thoughts. We forgot to ask you if you have listened to Alphaville – Big in Japan. If you havn’t we strongly suggest that you do 🙂

    We were very impressed by your ads. They have developed in a great and positive way since last time. Kelsey, your ad was fantastic and the other ones was great aswell. You seemed to pay alot of attention to our work and we really appreciated your comments and thoughts about our project. We also appreciate the fact that you politely encouraged our enthusiasm in our research.

    We really wish the best of luck in the future and hope you come and visit us someday. Take care and have a great spring break!

    //Robert & Johan. Örebro, Sweden.

  17. Thank you Tal and Jennifer for your helpful advice on our study. We had a lovely time talking to you again! What we leard.. we learnd a lot. A stereotype we had was that American teenagers always know what they want to do after finishing school, when they’re really young. It was nice to hear Jennifer uncertainty about her future work plans. It shows that some American teenagers are not that far from us swedish teenagers, some knows early what to do and some do not.
    The most helpful feedback we got was to narrow our questions down and keep the focus on proposition 8 and Californa.
    For nex time Anders, Better cameras. Otherwise it´s been fun talking to the Stanford students, now we have new friends on Facebook! 😀

    Hope to see you in Sweden soon! We will be in touch when we visit CA!
    Now we have to sleep as you heard, can not stop laughing at Serafinas typos! Have a nice life guys!

    Love, Serafina, Jenny and Nastaran!

  18. Örebro University, Sweden says:


    This was an fun and interesting experience as always. We learned alot about crosscultural rhetoric. We got a glimps about the cultural diffrencess from both america and sweden. We got really good feedback about our project and we tried to give a simular feedback to the Standford students. The conversation was really stimulating and fun, because it was our second time doing this activity. We got feedback for our idea and reflected upon it.
    The only thing we would like to do next time is to have more time for this. Because its both fun and stimulating.
    We greet you all and thanks for the memories. We wish you great sucess in life. Live long and prosper.

  19. Pernilla och Louise says:

    Hi guys!

    It was fun talking to you again! Your concept-ads were hella good (Hah, did we spell it right? :D) and we really think that they would be succesfull. We don’t have any specific things that we’d want to change about your ads.

    Trevor, the thing about having a leaf representing the flame is brilliant! We think that it’s a smart idea.

    Margo, your ad is a lot better then the original one. People won’t get affended by it and they will get the idea. Also, having two people with different skin colors makes the ad more “deep” in a way.

    Jason, this ad, or campaign was more appealing and we think that this one will work in Korea, because you don’t offend the people, you just try to open their eyes.

    Thank you for your feedback and ideas about our project, we’ll need it!

    Pernilla and Louise…

  20. Grop D says:

    Once again, it was very nice talking to the Swedish students. It was cool seeing how far their research had come and how they had changed their focus in some cases. It was also fun presenting our concept ads to them and seeing their reactions. The whiteboard was a very helpful asset because it allowed us to interact with the pictures so that we could point to specific items that we were talking about.

    Good luck on your final research papers!

    All the best // Ian, Josh, Matt

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