Group 8, IKEA Case Study.

Hello Russia!

We are Robert, Pauline, Johanna and Josefin and we have worked with the last assignment; concluding what happened after the scandals and how IKEA handled the crisis according to the rhetorical term called stasis.

The scandals that we have worked with are bribes, corruption, electricity and IKEA Mos. We found that IKEA in the “electric scandal” used statis coniercturalis when they settled an agreement with the Russians. This was a smart move by IKEA because it took the blame away from them and instead the media focused on the Russians.

Another scandal took place when two bosses in IKEA Russia, Per Kaufman and Stefan Gross, approved of bribes to the Russian Government. When IKEA fired Stefan Gross and Per Kaufman they didn’t accuse them of any illegal charges instead they used statis translationis by not defining who is to blame for the scandal.

In the scandal regarding IKEA Mos IKEA used stasis coniercturalis and stasis translationis as well to cover up for their bad business. This was not a smart move by IKEA and they should have used stasis qualitatis instead because it would have been much fairer for both parts.

In conclusion we really liked this assignment, we learned a lot about IKEA and stasis. We also learned about Russia and how you handle business. Some of our stereotypes about Russia were confirmed, for example that bribes are used frequently. It’s interesting to see that there are such differences between business in Russia and Sweden.

We wish you the best of luck with your studies and we hope that we get to meet each other soon.


//Robert, Johanna, Josefin & Pauline.


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