A Second Life at AUC


Sounds the alarm in the morning for the fifth time, where I’m already late, I quickly, jump in my clothes, grab my bag, my mobile and wallet, the keys which I always forget, and head downstairs jumping into the car. Fortunately the traffic is fine, half an hour later, I reach my world of interaction, learning and getting taught and even teaching others, eating, drinking, practicing sports, working and having activities.

My Life at AUC, since I arrive at the campus, starts by passing my ID through that machine opposing my way to the class I’m late for. Passing my bag, through the other X-rays machine (looking out for bombs or something -. -), I set off running to my first class, where kindly my teacher allows me to and my day starts, I start waving my friends while I’m rushing, getting out that huge copybook from my bag. Then the class starts and ends while I’m still not even awake! Then my real day starts, because only by that time I’m at full consciousness! I start walking down to Cilantro grabbing my coffee and a couple of sandwiches or maybe a pizza from the food court, supplying me with the whole day’s energy. As soon as I finish my pizza, carrying my cup of coffee I start wandering around the Plaza, maybe applying for a new club, or watching some shows held by our Student Union’s Talent show, going to the library, passing through some books for some assignments or maybe my seminar course. Of course, its not what I do everyday, sometimes I have running classes, anyways, next I head to the last class I have before the assembly hour, rushing to this class, handing my assignments, and maybe presenting a presentation about a project, or having some fun activities with the professor, or maybe I just lay down listening to a boring class, any ways, what I adore most at AUC is that, Life at AUC isn’t about only classes, its about being yourself, and most of all, FUN! J.

As soon as the clock points to 1 pm this announces the assembly hour. No classes are scheduled in this hour from 1-2 pm so normally I am free at this hour, yet, sometimes when I have running classes this is the only time where I can pick a corrected assignment or pass by any teacher for some questions. But the fun part comes when I am free so I head to the sports center enjoying playing some Ping-Pong or maybe basketball with my friends. As for this semester my schedule doesn’t contain classes after the assembly hour except on Sundays; on Sundays when the assembly hour is over this is just the beginning of fun as I head to my CHEMISTRY LAB class where the statement of “ Impossible is nothing” proves to be true. As soon as I enter the lab we are instructed to wear the white lab coats, weird goggles and white gloves. In this class I feel that I have changed from a student to a kind of inventor or a noble prize achieving chemist! After finishing this fun-tastic class, hopefully with no test tubes bumping in anyone’s face, I head to my car so tired and once I reach home I have lunch as fast as possible then I fall asleep for one to two hours so that I refill my energy for studying or finishing any assignments. As I wake up, I start finishing my assignments, maybe studying for a midterm, or just watching a TV series carelessly, but the best part, is when I have my seminar book, in the bed with a cup of hot chocolate, reading the book while falling asleep, isn’t always that perfect as it seems as I don’t feel much time has passed when my alarm rings vigorously through my ears, sending me back to AUC! AUC is not about academics it’s about FUN, not only through clubs and fun facilities, it is even through liberal arts academic view, that although majoring petroleum engineering, I still can have debates in seminar classes, learn about philosophy, psychology and many other fields, which makes learning much more fun, interesting and leads a person towards liberality and being well educated and broad minded.

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4 Responses to A Second Life at AUC

  1. Jack Duane says:

    Life at Stanford

    Today is the first day of our PWR 2 Class (Program in Writing and Rhetoric). Your life at school in Cairo sounds very similar to ours at Stanford University, but there are some differences.
    We don’t have to go through X-ray machines and we don’t have assemblies. What happens at assemblies? American high schools have assemblies, but universities don’t usually have them.
    Do you mind having class on Sunday?
    Do you live at home with your parents? How long does it take you to drive to school from where you live? At Stanford University, everyone lives on campus and we use bikes to get from class to class.
    Jack, Josh, Keith, Deia

  2. Jaime says:

    Hi! How’s it going? 🙂

    We’re also students (sophomores) from Stanford at our first day of PWR 2. Your university life sounds very fun and lively! Life at Stanford seems a lot more isolated than yours: everything is contained within the campus (95% of students live on campus), and we barely ever leave to go to other cities. This seems like the biggest difference between us—dorm life is a huge component of many American colleges. How are the social interactions at AUC? Because everyone at Stanford lives together, people within dorms tend to bond really well, sometimes for all four years of college. Is it different for you?

    Other random questions: What other classes are you taking? Are you living at home with your parents, or do you have your own place?

    Hope to talk to you soon!
    Jaime, Amanda, and Ellie

  3. American University in Cairo says:

    Assemblies in our university are about joining clubs, fun and activities or maybe even meetings in committees and most important of all, lunch ! Its about a break time, not a meeting as in American schools.
    In Egypt, its different, our official holidays are Fridays and Saturdays, so Sunday is technically the first day on campus per week, Saturday is actually our day off !
    Yes, I’m still living with my parents for sure.
    It takes me about half an hour to reach the university, if the traffic was fine.
    While to get between classes, we just start walking ! 😀

  4. American University in Cairo says:

    what do you guys think of the video? We would like to know if you have an opinion that’s similar to ours or not !! Our college life is indeed socially active as our campus contains many activities for students to interact during their free-time and make use of the assembly hour. We also have many students that live in our dorms, but we are enthusiastic about it and help them blend in. We do this by helping them in the local language and take them out during weekends to familiarize them with the Country and the entertainment Egypt has to offer. For example last weekend we took 13 of our students to one of the biggest malls in Cairo, City Stars, we also took them to the pyramids and we are hoping to take them to Luxor and Aswan. I’m sure after reading all this you want to come to AUC, it’s not what u think we are advanced in technology and provide a lot of social activities. If you ever want to have a tour in our campus feel free to contact us.

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