Summary, Sandra & Malin

HI everyone!

For this tasked we were supposed to choose one subject that we were going to discuss and dig deeper with. We choose to discuss men as victims in honor cultures. Is it just the women who are the victim in honor cultures or is it also men? We think that it is a big problem that people only can see the women as victims and only talk about men as offenders. In our work we have discussed the problem and we tried to explain why we see men as victims. This follow text is an extract from our conclusion and we hope that it will help you to understand our subject.

Are men victims in culture of honor? Everyone choose to see things from different perspectives and have different thoughts of which one who are the victim. In this work, we choose to see the problem about honor violence from men’s perspective, to see what it is that affects them and how they appear to be victims of their culture. We have understood that men wear a lot on their shoulders. They are forced to do a lot, to prove that they have the honor required. Things like ending someone´s life is just one of them, which you can be forced to do against your will. You can´t choose in what culture you will be born into, but if it would be into a culture of honor, you will be brought up to do as your father says and if you choose to resist it will have terrible consequences. Therefore, these men have no chance to choose how their lives should be like, it is already predicted and they are living for their culture and for the greatest factor of them all, their “face”. Their face to the outside world that they have to take care of to live a healthy life. We believe that these men are victims, conscious or not they appear to be victims of their own culture. This is because they are forced to do things that they wouldn´t been done if their culture wasn´t so impact of their lives. Coercion, intimidation and murder, is just some things that you have to stand up for if you want other to see you as a man with honor. A man who´s going to offer his own flesh and blood for his honor, his own sisters and cousins. We see these men as victims just because of the simple reason that they don´t have their own will. These men cannot just jump out of their culture and step in new clothes. They have to live with their culture and are forced to do things they might never been done in other cases. This is just things they do for their family´s honor and to save them from being shameful. Without honor, no man. No honor, no value.

This is just a short explanation of what we have discussed in our work and the explanation of why we choose this subject is just not because of the interesting. It´s also because of the huge commotion about killing by honor, which we have here in Sweden since Fadime Sahindal´s death. Fadime was just one of the girls here in Sweden that was killing by honor of her own father. Since then the problem about honor cultures have just grown bigger and bigger. By ending this summary of our task we want you to open your eyes for this huge problem and also, try to see the problem from different perspectives. We just want this to stop and it could stop with a little help from you. You can be the beginning of something good.

/ Sandra Persson and Malin Öhlin

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