Deep impact assignment

Raymond Ghookas, Shadust Nisser and Mattias Danilowicz, summary of our deep impact assignment about swedishness, swedish culture and the Sweden democrats.

The purpose of this study was to analyze a cultural use of rhetorical tools. The cultural object is Swedish and Swedish culture and the rhetorical tools were cluster analysis. The goal was to get a definition of these two concepts according to the textbooks we had at our disposal during the course cross-cultural rhetoric and then compare the definition from the National Socialist party Sweden Democrats’ own definition. The specific questions were: What is the Sweden Democrats in Swedish culture and Swedish culture?, What does the literature on Sweden and Swedish culture? Answer these questions would answer the third and main question, Is the Sweden Democrats’ confidence in the Swedish and culture with the literature?

Sweden Democrats Swedishness associate with the nationalist line of thought. Sweden Democrats’ view is that the Swedes are doing better out of that love their country, this leads to better integration with the multi-cultural society as well.

The literature refers to the Swedish culture is something historical and social change that has contributed to the Swedish character today as Frykman. And as for Daun as he refers to Swedish culture is a certain stereotype so that other cultures, after he has examined it through various surveys as a method.

The results pointed in different directions in our research and we picked up, was a two-page response. Sweden Democrats’ view of Swedish is not so vain as generalization has been given us, and faith. It has a proper perspective on how Swedishness used to be that we mention the results. They may talk about how the Swedes have developed into the 60s. In the case of enlightenment about what’s up now on the Swedish character of the Sweden Democrats to believe they do not know much about the situation now of Swedish. In order to research the results of the Swedish character today, they must take into account the multicultural society partly. The Swedish culture can not be defined because it is mixed with the multicultural society’s values.

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