Honor killings

Hi all !
This is Nour and Josefine. Here is our task which is about honor killings.

We have extended ourselves in the subject of honor killings and we have chosen to define the word honor, honor culture and what the Koran says about honor killings. Since there has been a much talked about subject that affects many women in Sweden and the rest of the world so we think it has any really interesting.

In advance, we knew what the word of honor and the honor culture meant but we were doubtful about what the Koran said. But since we have chosen to focus on Sara Abed Ali, it was interesting to watch the ground and see what Islam is thinking about the woman’s position in society.

What we have learned by carefully reading the Quran is that Islam has nothing really to honor killing to do. The Quran says, inter alia, that it is wrong to take someone else’s life.
We thought that in the Middle East is one very influenced by their religion, but they pick out certain parts of religion that benefit themselves, which preserve their power and honor.
It has used a rewarding and instructive material, where we had the opportunity to go back in history and think about everything we’ve heard and what has been said.

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