Mixed marriages between Swedish men and African women in Swedish society

Hello everybody! Lisa, who writes here. Here’s a summary of mywork. Hope you like it! I have written about mixed marriages between Swedish men and African women in Swedish society.

I chose to interview six people. Three Swedish girls and three African men from Somalia. I have interviewed them with open questions. These are questions that the environment has affected the relationship, what was most difficult in the beginning of the relationship and today? If they often think of those cultural differences and how is it in everyday life?
The interview responses, I have paired with various factors affecting these cultural differences such as socialization, ethnocentrism, intercultural competence, stereotypes, what is culture and what is personality and a little about Islam.

It is important for me to say that this is not a generalization study for all African men and Swedish women in a mixed marriage / relationship where it would be impossible but for me it means to demonstrate how it can be, for their action on for others can get a better understanding of what for some may be unfamiliar and to obtain develop my skills in the subject. I have dealt with questions like: what do the surroundings? How does it? How much of the problem lies in what surroundings say and think? What about cultural clashes in the marriage / relationship? What are the cultural conflicts that may occur?

The most common answer that popped up in discussions was that everything usually resolves itself with the compromise and that one often must give way to the other when there are problems in the relationship. But it’s nothing that does not happen in other relationships. Other answer I got was how these cultural differences affect the relationship and how to do to get out of them.

It is not easy to always understand what is happening in the world we live in. But that help with this, we have all these references and the knowledge that we have become our teaching in the subject. Without this knowledge becomes cultural encounters and cultural clashes impossible to understand and therefore we close our eyes to reality. Culture is our way for humans to explain the reality that we actually live in.

With this study I have tried to explain the cultural conflicts that may arise in a mixed marriage. I have also tried to get a better understanding of the problems arise and if so, where it comes from and how to deal with these potential cultural clashes. The couple that I have interviewed have their own way created a new culture.The Arabic / Swedish culture and, therefore, attempted to take the best of both worlds. Values ​​and evaluated the way we think has differed many times, but the case then that in a marriage be able to compromise with each other for the marriage to last.

It is not entirely carefree living in this type of marriage. Everyday life is controlled by obstacles both from the environment, society and the relationship.

The three couples I interviewed has experienced many cultural clashes and that makes them even today, but they have learned how to manage it, through adaptation.

Everyone has a choice to be in a mixed marriage. You should think about the consequences before embarking on this type of marriage. This is because of the problems that may arise between individuals. We live today in a multicultural society, but only because we make it so it does not mean that we all have some form of cross-cultural skills. The risk is therefore that the idea of ​​being part of a mixed marriage does not feel relevant, or perhaps even abnormal. Mixed marriages are becoming more accepted and more common today. I think it’s important to encourage the people who are part of a mixed marriage because it is a step into the future. There are always problems that crop up in all types of marriage, no matter how long you have been married or culture or religion you are. Problems found. But that is about to learn of the problems and how to tackle them to be able to move on.

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2 Responses to Mixed marriages between Swedish men and African women in Swedish society

  1. Sunny says:

    Hello! I would like to contact the author of this post, how can I do this? It is very important for me as far as I’m interested in the topic of the post. Thanks in advance!

    • Anders Eriksson says:

      You wrote almost a year ago. I am her teacher and will see her tomorrow. Will try to remember to tell her. Dr Eriksson

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