The Four Gaddafi’s

A best friend is the one who knows exactly what you mean, someone who knows you better than yourself, and stays with you no matter what.

People who do not know us are amazed at how we managed to stay so close for the past 14 years of our lives, but we always have one answer. We have been through it all; the ups and downs. There are many reasons why our bond is strong; we are all only children, no brothers and no sisters around and that’s why we have each other,which lead us to call ourselves the “Three Musketeers”. Other than that; we share the same interest and passion for art.

Our friendship has fun moments by firing up the dance floor at a party till we loose it and shopping till we drop! We have our usual downsides.- usual boy friend problems, family issues etc. There comes a point in everyone’s life, usually a low point, when one realizes exactly who is important and who really matters, and it’s at that moment when one discovers who his/her real friends really are. The point at which things go terribly wrong and everyone scatters, everyone except a few loyal, trustworthy, honest, compassionate, understanding friends, the real ones. We were those three who stood for each other when things weren’t going as planned that’s why we believe that we are not in this alone but we are all in it together.

On the first  day of journey at AUC we signed up for the same Rhetoric class,which starts  right after assembly hour. As we ran, rushed, and searched for the room –we were late because we were having fun laughing, gossiping, and eating with our friends. On our way to class we met a girl who was also late and was searching for the same room. We started talking and as it turns out we have many mutual friends. When we finally reached the class and sat we asked her to sit next to us and from here we were given the name the four Gaddafis by our favorite teacher, Prof. Mark Mikhael.

Nada Hedia, Sara Aziz, Farida Samaha and Amira Zaki.

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2 Responses to The Four Gaddafi’s

  1. Iris says:

    Hello, we’re three students in our second year at Stanford in the Humor writing and rhetoric class. We wanted to start off by introducing ourselves.

    My name is Iris and I’m studying Human Biology, hoping to eventually be a doctor. It sounds like the friendships you have are very similar to many of the ones we have here. I definitely try to spend most of my day when I’m not in class or working on all the work they give us eating, talking, laughing, and doing crazy stuff with my friends.

    Hi, my name is Andi. I am a sophomore majoring in Human Biology. I am also on the swim team, and thus, spend most of my time doing school work or at the pool. I enjoy watching comedy shows like Modern Family and random Youtube clips. What kinds of shows do you like?

    I am Aaron Wayne. I am studying at Stanford University and I live near San Francisco, California. I am studying human biology with hopes of going to medical school. I am on the men’s swimming team here at Stanford so I spend most of my time eating, training at the pool, going to class, or sleeping during the week. The weekends are a different story though!

    We wonder how you feel about being called the Four Gaddafi’s. We were curious, what exactly does it mean to be given that name as a group? Also is the humor that you have within your group of friends typical of a lot other people in Egypt? Do topics like those that come up in the Daily Show video or about Mubarak ever come up when you talk with your friends?

    Iris, Andi, and Aaron

  2. American University in Cairo says:


    The first answer for Andi, we watch a variety of shows like gossip girl, 90210, pretty little liars, family guy and how i met your mother, those are the most common.
    Second our prof. called us this ‘nickname’ because we all know how Gaddafi is? its funny and incongruous. What we think he meant is because we mostly laugh and talk and at that time Gaddafi was a scandal all over the news so somehow it resembled to us. We guess that he was just building humor by exaggerating the situation.
    Our humor among friends differs depending on the social class, gender, age and religious views and beliefs. Basically it is the same factors of any humor among a group.
    Tell us how you spend your weekends? how long have you guys been friends? what kind of humor do you share? does it also differ by the same factors as ours?
    Thank you! =)

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