American VS Egyptian Audience

In the video entitled “Arabian Fights” from the “Daily Show With Jon Stewart”, we find that he used a specific type of humor that is familiar with  his audience ; however, Stewart’s audience is not not all  Americans, but specifically the American audience with the liberal politics points of view. This sort of jokes may be not counted as a joke if it was introduced to a different audience. Many other audiences will conceive this as a bad taste as  it is the audience who is responsible for determining which is good taste and which is bad. This fact and other facts, made some people get the wrong message from this video as many Egyptians received this message as an offensive one and as if the reporter in the video was trying to make fun of the protesters.  But where is the truth? Who is right and who is wrong?

Is the American audience who probably spent a whole lot of time laughing at that video right in defining this material as a good comedy and fun material? Or the Egyptians who found this too offensive to be considered as an acceptable and proper jokes are right? The answer is a bit confusing, but yet it is very simple. They both are right as each one of the both sides perceive the story from his aspect and way of thought. The American side understands what’s going on with the conservative parties and are making fun of the conservatives’ political beliefs( saving  America’s right  to manipulate other countries’ policies).  And the Egyptian’s are right because some of the things he says are offensive culturally speaking.


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