Hello…A Little Late :)

Hello Stanford from AUC!

It is now 2:43 am and we were told we had to write something to introduce ourselves and our university to you more than a week ago, but as usual I’m only starting now since we should be posting our introductions tomorrow, which leaves me with only a few hours of sleep tonight. We’re a group of freshman, so for us this is a whole new experience that we’re still getting used to BUT some things never change.  Currently, I’m BBM-ing my friends as I write this, which is delaying me and will interfere with my sleeping, but I really can’t help but bbm all the time. In a few hours my 7:30 am alarm will ring off the hook waking everyone in our apartment except me, pissing my roommates off. It has become a routine that when I finally hear my alarm, I turn it to snooze for the next hour and a half (checking the time every 5 or 10 minutes to make sure I don’t miss class) but somehow I eventually fall back asleep around the time when I’m supposed to get up and that’s when one of my roommates saves my life and drags me out of bed. After finally being dragged out of bed, I have about 30 or 40 minutes to get ready before class which doesn’t leave much time for breakfast but barely coffee. Which is why once we’re on campus, if u take a look around, you’ll find that probably most of us have our blackberry in a hand and in the other a cup of coffee and a bagel or waffle from Jared’s Bagels (which is a life saver). Then our day really begins! Everyone goes to their class still half asleep and probably late, that’s when you would hear all the lame excuses being made up as to why we’re late which gets us out of trouble almost every time except in Rhetoric class. Being late for our 11:30 am Rhetoric class can be a nightmare, whoever is late has to sing to enter class, enough said.  After the 11:30 class it’s finally assembly hour and time to socialize. You really can’t walk around campus for 2 minutes without running into a friend. Then comes the queue! Our salad bar is pure genius and worth spending your entire assembly hour queued just to get a salad. Once we’ve all stuffed ourselves we head back to class, which is usually my calculus class, the one class I really never look forward to. Next comes the last class for most people that ends at 4:45 and by then everyone is exhausted and ready to head back home. But never too exhausted to socialize for another hour till 6 and for those of us who live in the dorms, it’s just the beginning of our evening. Most people love working out and hitting the gym after classes and by 7 pm the gym is packed. It’s amazing how a 2 hour workout can completely change your mood and put you in a mood where you’re ready to study. Once we’re done working out, we head to back to our dorm, shower and start preparing dinner. Which for me is the time I look forward to in our apartment, unlike most people who live in the dorms, my roommates can actually cook and it’s not just edible, it’s GOOD.  By 9:30 pm we head to our separate rooms with hopes to start studying, but usually that never actually happens before 12 am and in my case tonight 2 am. Now thinking of it 3 hours is a lot of time wasted but no wonder it passes in a flash of a second thanks to my blackberry, facebook and of course the weekly gossip girl, 90210 and one-tree hill episodes which I cannot miss no matter what. It’s almost 3:45 am and I think that’s enough for the blog, if I have a chance at waking up tomorrow and starting the cycle I have just told you about without my roommates yelling at me.



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