Russia-US Leaders: Group C

Hello friends! My name is Gaurav and I am a student here at Stanford, California. Greetings from here!

I am originally from Kathmandu, Nepal where – some of you might know – there has been  a huge Maoist Revolution in the past couple of decades. And, in the last few years, they have finally overthrown our long-standing Monarchy to try and establish a People’s Republic of Nepal. Unfortunately, there has been a lot of bloodshed and tragedies along the way, and right now my country is in a lot of political turmoil as we have no real government or constitution in place. A lot is at stake for our future.

Because of my Nepalese background, the topic of Communism and the historic regimes and revolutions in its name interest me very much. I feel that what is happening in Nepal right now is in many ways similar to what has happened in countries like China, Russia, and Cuba in the past. Therefore, I believe there is a lot that my country people can learn from past and current communist regimes around the world to help Nepal head in the right direction.

So, as my research topic for my Global Leaders class, I have decided to explore the famous revolutionary Ernesto Che Guevara and his Marxist inspired revolutions from Cuba to Africa to Bolivia  – I just rented the latest movie about his life called “Che” (2008), and am excited to watch it and learn more about his endeavors, strong beliefs, and leadership qualities!

I look forward to Skyping with all of you in just a week and to having a good discussion on the International Relations between the USA and Russia, Obama and Medvedev!

Gaurav Handa – Stanford, CA

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