Natalia – studying Global Health

Hi there! My name is Natalia. Where I come from depends on who you ask. I have triple citizenship, speak five languages, and have called fourteen different houses “home”. When I was little and people asked what I wanted to do when I grew up, the answer was easy: help people. Now my answer is more specific; I want to be a surgeon and travel to developing countries to train the next generation of local doctors. In the meantime, I’m majoring in biology and love getting to know the priceless people here. Two of my favorite pastimes are running and eating sweets… when I’m lucky they balance each other out.

For our rhetoric class, we are supposed to analyze the rhetoric that a particular leader uses. I chose Paul Farmer because he is leading a shift in the medical field to start paying attention to global health. For this assignment, I want to look at the rhetoric that Paul Farmer uses to encourage universities to partner with programs in developing countries. The goal is for students to experience global health, but it has to be done responsibly. How does Dr. Farmer argue that it is possible for universities to develop such programs? What does he caution about possible ethical considerations of doing this? Has he been successful in convincing universities this is possible?

-Natalia, Stanford University

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