Russia-US Leaders Group A


My name is Dillon McCoy, and I am a sophomore at Stanford University. I am majoring in computer science with an emphasis in web development. In my spare time, I love to play the saxophone and piano, surf the web, and read books.

In the past several years, everyone in the world has experienced a tremendous rise of social networking and social media. With the constant and rapid expanse of the internet, sharing ideas and information is easier now than ever before. With that ease of sharing, leaders of all kinds have the tools necessary to influence people and to shape the world in new ways. For my research, I am going to explore how Lady Gaga, the world-renowned pop star, uses popular social media platforms, like Twitter and Facebook, as a non-political leader to advance political and humanitarian messages.

As this clearly ties in with the subject of President Medvedev’s and President Obama’s use of these platforms, I am very excited to hear your ideas about the implications of social media and how you view its influences in Russia.

See you soon!
– Dillon McCoy

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