Russia-US Leaders: Group C

Hello Everyone!

My name is Dieter Rutzen and I am sophomore at Stanford University majoring in Materials Science and Engineering and minoring in Science Technology and Society. I come from Puerto Rico, which puts me in a unique spot of being an American citizen, but not having quite the same culture as the US. My interests range from biotechnology, to renewable energy to neuroscience. I love to play football (real football) as well as biking, running and playing guitar.

My research is about the rhetoric of Muammar al-Gaddafi. The reason I picked this topic is because it is a timely matter due to the multiple unrests, protests and revolts that are happening in Africa and in the Middle East. This region has always been a hot spot of war and political games, in which countries and individuals have used all but every tactical forms of persuasion. Since covering all the region is such a broad topic, I have chosen Gaddafi because of multiple reasons. For one, behind only to Fidel Castro, he is the longest living person to be positioned as the leader of a country. Throughout his position as a leader, he has become a polar figure in which the people either love and adore him or they outright hate him. So I want to understand how his rhetoric has come to put him in the situation of today and what will his next talk and step will be following the civil war that started now in Libya. Luckily for me, a lot of the articles are about Libya, so I can get a lot of benefit from this.

I am very excited and looking forward to meeting you. I would love to get hear what you say about the crucial topics where are going to discuss. More importantly, to talk about anything you find relevant to leadership that you want to discuss, so both of us can better understand each other and do something positive with it.

Dieter Rutzen, Stanford University

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