U.S – Sweden Leaders: Rosalyn Somsak, Group D

Hello All,

My name is Rosalyn Somsak. I was born in Milwaukee, WI although I attended high school in Boston, MA. I am an undeclared sophomore interested in International Relations and Human Biology. My passions include poverty alleviation, water sanitation, public health, feminism, and social entrepreneurship. I am unsure of a career path but I hope to work in international development in the future.

For my global leadership rhetoric and writing project, I am most interested in Muhammad Yunus and his use of rhetoric to secure loans and encourage engagement in microfinance. Yunus founded Grameen Bank in India in the late 1970s as an institution to give loans to the poor. He received the Nobel Peace Prize in 2006 for pioneering an innovative approach to alleviating poverty. In his speech at the World Affairs Council of Houston in Texas, and other notable speeches he uses subtle humor. He finds it easy to laugh at himself. I would like to analyze his subtle use of humor to establish himself as a relatable figure. How does Yunus encourage large cooperate banks to consider loans to the poor? Is his use of rhetoric successful in persuading lenders to consider microcredit?

I look forward to meeting you soon!

Rosalyn Somsak
Stanford University

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One Response to U.S – Sweden Leaders: Rosalyn Somsak, Group D

  1. Joshua Wells says:


    YOU ROCK!!!

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