US-Russia Group C: International Relations

Hi Khabarovsk! We’re Stanford Group 3: Alison, Nayeli, Dieter, Gaurav, and Firas. All of us are second year students, and we’re all interested in global leadership and communication.

We’re really excited about the opportunity to hear your perspectives and opinions while sharing ours as well. Our hope is that by the end of this session, we have much better understanding of your views, and we hope you will also gain this understanding as well.

A little bit about each of us: Dieter is a huge fan of soccer (go Chelsea!), Firas is a big fan of The Daily Show, Gaurav likes to skateboard around Stanford’s campus, Alison does martial in her spare time, and Nayeli does traditional Latin American dance in her spare time.

We’re really excited about the opportunity to talk with you and hear your thoughts. Can’t wait to speak with you!

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One Response to US-Russia Group C: International Relations

  1. Group №3 says:

    Hi guys,
    We haven’t contacted after our videoconference. Let’s exchange our e-mail address to simplify our collaboration.
    Besides we would like to offer you some new topics for further discussion. For example, we can focus on not only on Obama’s and Medvedev’s politics concerning international armed conflicts , but specifically on how intervention in armed conflicts abroad influences the image of the presidents in their own country. As you know, both Obama and Medvedev stated that they would take part in presidential election. We think it will be interesting to analyze how international policy influences the citizens’ attitudes to the president, especially in light of upcoming elections.
    There is no doubt that it is difficult to estimate the changing attitudes of citizens to the president, not being a citizen of this country. Maybe it will to be more interesting for you to get information from us about Medvedev? If you agree, we are waiting for information about Obama from you.
    We appreciate you proposing any other interesting topics for discussion.
    Stepan –
    Anna –

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